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The Sun, the brain, medical questions — 1986 |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

 Rahuri, India
13 January 1986 

So now we will be going for our further movement and I may have to return back to Bombay. I do not know how comfortable you were here [audience clap], but you wanted to be away from the maddening crowd and I thought this would be the nice place to be here though Dhumal was all the time insisting that they should stay in some Mangalkaryalay or something. But I told him, ‛You don’t understand them, they don’t enjoy much of all this cement, concrete.“ They would always like to be in the company of nature as long as they get some protection from the sun and the rain and they want to enjoy that kind of a collective living and they’ll be very happy.

But still I don’t think he was very much convinced about it, very hesitant. Then again he came to Bombay, I again told him, ‛Now believe Me, you have to have it somewhere. You just have a pendal for them, they’ll be very happy, you just don’t worry about other things. They want to be with the nature because they don’t get a chance like that. They cannot take bath in a lake anywhere, it’s a great chance for them to take a bath.“

They said the water is not so clean and maybe that it is full of clay.

I said, ‛Clay is good for them, they’ll like it, there’s …“ And I see your skin, it’s so much better, I see your skin, you see all this you have suffered the sun burnt, whatever you overdid in Ganapatipule, is now being cleared out by this clay because the clay is the one that soothes you. Even if you can put some clay on your stomach, it will take out all the heat from your stomach, very good for liver this clay is. So, I told them that you don’t understand that this natural naturopathy that they can have here, they cannot have it.

But he very, very reluctantly agreed thinking that I’m really trying to be hard on you.

So, this is a mild sun here and it’s nice and the atmosphere is very clear and clean, plus you have got such a beautiful temple of Ekadesha Rudra here which is such a nice place we have found out.

So for a saint, you see, for a saintly person, what does he need? Because he’s so satisfied with everything. Whatever he gets he’s satisfied. But he will be more satisfied, he would be much more enjoying when he’s with the nature. I know that. And, they are not still very happy the Rahuri people that they think that this is no way of putting up guests like this and all that, still. I just had to tell him that you see their faces, how they look, they look so very happy, so very relaxed, now what do you want? What do you want more?

But now we must understand that one habit that we have always, we have developed it because we have been going out. Our attention has been going out. You see the one habit that we have in the West, which I have noticed also, very common, is, to be a daredevil for everything and to go to the extreme. You see there’s no …

[Shri Mataji asks a yogi] How do you say to the bridle? Bridle you say, the one that is used for the horse? Bridle.

The bridle is not there. There’s no bridle, in our behavior. We go to extremes in everything. Whatever we do, we go to extremes. There’s no bridle in our hands and this is what, one has to get to the bridle.

It is not that, it’s like a kite which is just moving here and there, it’s not that. It’s a complete thrust, complete movement with all will power, with all effort, to go to something that is dangerous. I personally think it’s a self-destructive character which is built within us as a result of our movement too much outward. Because whatever moves in one direction has to recoil back, it has a reaction. Like the science has developed atomic bomb. Ultimately you do develop a destructive temperament and that is why I think in the west people have no idea how to control the speed backwards. It’s more the speed outward to dangerous places they like it.

Nature is good. In the nature it’s nice to be there. But it does not mean that you should ask the nature to hit you and kill you.

Now in Ganapatipule I was so sad to see those boys who burnt themselves. It was really very, very saddening to Me and when I treated them, of course they got well but you wont’ believe the whole of My stomach here, [SHRI MATAJI PUTS HER HAND ON HER STOMACH] the whole skin of My stomach was burnt, charred and burnt and is now peeling out, just like they had the problem, I never went to the sea, I never stayed there. So, this was the heat they were carrying.

Now people get, say, what you call, skin troubles, skin cancers. Still they want to do it. Like the other lady who was so sick from Switzerland is so sick, you see, I was really very worried because she was very dangerously placed and she is the one who had this problem and she said, ‛I have an addiction with the sun.“ How can you be addicted to the sun? Is just a mental idea. And believe Me, it’s just a mental idea that if you go in the sun your skin will be all right. It’s just a mental idea. Have you seen anyone like that?

I mean what is the proof that if you go in the sun your skin will improve, what is the proof? We Indians never, never go in the sun. Never. We never go in a windy place, never in a windy place, we never go, say for example this skiing. According to us skiing is a stupid job. We would never do it. Any Indian who does that is a stupid fellow according to us.

Women will never do horse riding because it affects the uterus. The women don’t swim after sometime because it affects the uterus and if it affects the uterus, it affects the whole system because uterus represents your Kundalini.

All wrong ideas you have got. That’s why I see that in the West everybody is sick. They have this trouble or that trouble or this or that. Certain principles are to be borne in our mind because we are saints and we are precious things. We are not like other Westerners, that we can waster our life like this for some sort of a stupid venture that we think of.

Can you imagine all Indians have much better skin than you have. All right. Don’t they? Do they ever go in the sun? Never. Have you seen any Indian sitting outside here taking sunbath? I mean the proof of the pudding is that despite all that your skins are so bad.

Now how can your skin be good with the sun, let us see. Let us say, Let us take absolutely a chemical reaction. Now what happens that when the, the thing falls upon our skin or upon our head, this head has got a brain and the brain is made of fat. All right? Now if you put the fat in the sun, what will happen? It will melt. And that’s how people have melted brains. The brains are not normal, they behave in a way which I don’t understand why they behave like this.

So first of all if your brain goes out, how can your skin be all right? Because the brain controls the skin. It controls everything. If your brain goes off, I’ve not met one person who looks beautiful because he has been in the sun. On the contrary, you stay at home. Preserve your skin by staying at home.

The second point is that a Sahaja Yogi should not behave like other Westerners do that at every holiday, they’re out. They never sit in the house. Gruhastha. The one who stays in the house. We are all Gruhasthas, householders, we are married people. As soon as you get a holiday you’re out. Now you might give an explanation, ‛Because you see our houses are like this and, we think that our houses are just suffocating us.“ Have you seen the houses of the poor people here? Have you seen the houses of the labor in Bombay? Nobody goes out for a holiday. All My life I don’t think I’ve been ever out for a holiday with My husband. Only once we tried for two days and we were back from Scotland all the way.

We just go for a wedding or a festival or something like that. If there’s some collective happening or else you can go for a picnic, all of you together. But you must sit down in the house and talk to each other nicely, there should be some rapport. There’s no rapport between the children and the parents, there’s no rapport between the husband and the wife, no rapport between the in-laws, other people, no rapport at all.

So you become people who are absolutely secluded, shooting off this way, that way, that way. Sit down and talk.

Now you see our children, now we talk that our children should be disciplined. The best way to discipline your child is to make the child sit down for a while and talk to the child properly. Tell the child what he’s supposed to do. You’ll find an Indian child goes to somebody’s house just keeps quite. But let an English child come. He will break this, he’ll break that, give me chocolates, give me this, I want this. You take an Indian child, maybe a poor child to a market, he’ll never ask for anything, demand for anything. Never. Even if you give, he’ll say, ‛No, I won’t have.“ He has that self-respect. But if you take a child, any other child, he’ll say, ‛Please buy me this, please buy me that, please buy me that.“ Without any self-respect, without any discipline.

Now where does the discipline come up? Now what we do, supposing a child is there, we are going out, we tell the child, ‛Now we are going out, and you have to be a self-respecting child because,“ supposing now you are talking you can say, ‛You are a realized soul, you are a Sahaja Yogi and you can’t behave like a stupid fellow asking for this and that,“ and sit down quietly, make them sit down.

To begin with, you have to do lot of massaging on their body. Lots of massaging, everyday massage, massage, massage the body so the nerves are all right. Then, when you take them out or do anything, before hand, tell them properly, build up their personality of self-respect, of discipline. But you yourself should be disciplined, now you are sitting in the sun, say, for the whole day and you tell your son, ‛Get inside the house,“ how will he? A Sahaja Yogi should never go in the sun. Take it from Me. Never, never go in the sun. Because this brain requires complete quietitude and no sun activity is needed.

You should not even, when you sleep, there should not be even a ray of sun. Even I, when I sleep I want complete darkness. Even a slightest ray of light is coming, which people know very well, I cannot sleep, because I must act. So the reaction to this light is so much in Me, maybe that I’m very sensitive to all the elements but what about you? You must avoid the sun’s light as much as you can when you sleep and also should not sit in the sun for such a long time. Of course sitting in the sun helps you because it gives you Vitamin D, by which, Vitamin D if you take it you build up your bones better but now I think your bones are quite built, there’s no need to build your bones anymore. But now by God’s grace you are getting soluble calciums which you can eat and you can also have Vitamin D and A if you want to. What is the need of scorching this head?

Now, if you sit in the sun, then either you will have a bald head or you will have a jungle in the head. One of the two thing’s depending on the personality as you are. Because your brain cannot bear it, your skin cannot bear it. After all we are not jungle people are we? But you ask any jungle person also, he never sits in the sun. It’s only somebody has cooked it in your head that you must sit in the sun. If you go and see Eskimos who live in the ice houses, they never bathe in the sun. Have you ever seen them sunbathing? Have you ever seen them? Any picture, anywhere? Then why this special type of stupidity is there among other people because you have lost that sense to know that you are maneuvered.

You see, how to befool you. Now you must create some weaknesses for people, if you don’t create a weakness how will they prosper with their machineries? So now, let’s befool them. If you go to the seashore and you tan your body, you look very beautiful? First of all, you never, you look horrid, horrid you look and secondly they will say that your health will be all right so everybody is going to the seashore, ending up with a skin cancer. Because your body revolts against it that’s why you get skin cancer. You get liver troubles, already you are liverish. You are already thinking too much, why do you want to have sun? You’ve already too much sun within yourself. So what is the reasoning for it? I just don’t understand. You must know that today we have the work of the Sahasrara and the Sahasrara is the brain. We have to work on the brain and if you people do not know how to use your brain properly, I don’t know what am I going to do.

Moreover today, talking to some Indians, I discovered some horrifying things which I must tell you, which is horrifying as well as laughed at They were telling Me that if you take an English hen and an Indian hen, there’s a tremendous big difference between the two. The hen that is Indian, if she sees another hen being attacked she’ll make such a noise that all the hen will join together and will start making noises so that if there’s an attack the master will come and try to remove the attack. But if it’s an English hen, she will just watch another being eaten up you see and then she’s eaten up also, she says, ‛All right you eat me, doesn’t matter, I’ll take second birth and come back.“

See they’ve no brains at all. You see they have no brains, like say an English bullock, they have English bullocks also. I mean English means Western, they don’t mean anything else but he’s Australian, maybe anything, is English to us because we had known only English so we say English. But that’s what they say English but it doesn’t mean anything, it means any Westerner or any Australian or white skin person.

A bullock is there, he said, ‛Our bullocks if you tell them. ‘go straight,’ they know; if you tell them, ‘go left,’ they know; if you tell them, ‘walk this way,’ they know;they know everything. But if you have any of these bullocks, they don’t do anything. You tell them go further, you teach them anything, nothing, they will never learn any thing. You tell them, they’ll go the way they want to go.“

So very surprising, I said, ‛Really?“

‛Yes“ they said, ‛It is so, they are for no good, they can just do what they want to do. They cannot understand what you’re talking, they have no understanding about it.“

Imagine about the bulls. And then think of it, in India, you see we have everything walking on the street, we have got the bullocks and we have got the cows, we’ve got sometimes the hen, everything goes on the road. They know which side the thing is coming, which side they have to move, there’s a car coming. He said, ‛Put one English cow, they’ll be all finished on the road.“ I got such a fright you know when I heard it. I said, ‛They do not do sunbathing. How do they get it?“ then I was thinking that the kind of the food you give them, there must be some horrible hormones, they must be spoiling their brains.

But we are very destructive, I must tell you. Drugs, now we started taking to drugs, in the name of God. I mean Indians, you make them take drugs, they’ll say tell another, I know what it is. And then our brains go off with drugs. Brains are not normal, why we behave like this I can only explain that they have taken drugs, I’ve seen people who have taken drugs I just don’t understand why, there’s no logic into their behavior. Just no logic, they just, like the brains of a bullock, they behave the same way. You just can’t explain why they behave. They have taken drugs. Now what is drug taking? Is again self-destructive. Because you want to destroy yourself that’s why you’ve taken drugs. Otherwise how many Indians you have known who take drugs? I’ve never even seen them.

And another thing, Dhumal told Me, I mean he says his reading is he says that if a child is educated in a vernacular school, I was also educated in a vernacular school because My father was very particular, ‛Nothing doing, no English schools.“ And those who are educated in the English schools, there’s such a difference, he say’s he has his children educated in the English school and he has his children educated in a vernacular school. The youngest one is in the vernacular school. He says he knows about everything. He’ll know how many cows are in the house, he will look after parrots, he knows how the parrot works out, how the things are, he’s the youngest. He knows about everything but other children they just will stand. If you tell them, they’ll give an explanation and then they say, ‛So what? So what?“ But if you tell him something, immediately he will know what is to be done, he’ll just get it done the way he wants to do it, in the sense that it must be done.

But here the other way round. If you tell a child from an English school, he will do the way he wants to do and if you tell him, ‛Why did you do this way?“ he’ll say, ‛What’s wrong?“ or at the most he’ll say, ‛I’m sorry.“ Finished. I mean like Sahaja Yogis will pull their ears, finished. Even if he hit’s you, he’ll say, ‛Pull my ear’s Mother, I’ve hit You.“ It’s like that. It’s very funny thing, I said what’s wrong with the language? Why this English language makes people like that? I can’t understand. Why? I just didn’t understand. ‛What’s wrong?“ Now this is not in any Indian language, you see if you say, they’ll say, ‛What? We didn’t understand, what are you saying, ‘What’s wrong?'“ I mean just, the whole, I think the language itself has the disciplining in-built, it’s a what you call Mardav, it builds up the personality.

Like if somebody tries to show off. You see, immediately we’ll say, ‛You are over wise.“ Ati Shahane. And the saying is, ‛Ati Shahane tyanche baila rikame.“ Those who try to show that they are very intelligent, their bullocks have no work, means they’re lazy lumps.

The whole language system is such. They’re so practical I tell you, they’re so practical. And that is why, we came to India first of all, we had some Sahaja Yogis with us when we came here about twenty-five Sahaja Yogis from England came and we all stayed here and all these people looked after them and they fed them and of course I mean, they had paid no money, nothing they lived there. Nobody even wrote a letter of thanks so they all got worried and they wrote a letter to Me saying that Mother what has happened, are they all right or are they sick? They have not written any letter to us. So I called them, I said, ‛Did you write any letters to them?“


I said, ‛Why?“

‛We know, we know, we did wrong, we know.“

‛You know, then why did you not do it?“

‛No but we know.“

Now what is an argument here?

Now you have come out of that, what I’m giving you, the background. You have come out of it, now you are Sahaja Yogis, you are saints, so you have to be very different. You can’t be like them. You have to understand. Like some people have a habit of saying, ‛Ah, Mother I’m so badly off.“ You ask them, ‛How are you?“ They’ll say [SHRI MATAJI SWAYS HER HAND INDICATING ‘SO-SO’] like this, it’s very common, so I look at their hands, what’s it? I don’t understand. What does that [SHRI MATAJI SWAYS HER HAND INDICATING ‘SO-SO’] mean?

Here people will feel ashamed to say. Even if you are sick, even if you are dying. If somebody will ask, ‛How are you?“ They will say, ‛I’m all right. I’m all right.“ Nobody will do like this [SHRI MATAJI SWAYS HER HAND INDICATING ‘SO-SO’] Means what? You ask them ‛What’s your name?“

‛Did you ask my name?“

‛Of course I did, but why do you ask Me again?“ Any question you ask, they will repeat it, always. I used to wonder why do they repeat? And they didn’t get it in their heads or what?

Now the thing is, that is what is the background of this brain and don’t spoil it more by this sun. You have to do work of this Sahasrara, Sahasrara which is the lotus, lotus of the Divine which has got beautiful petals now enlightened by your Kundalini. They are the living petals, do not try to play with it. That’s why I say, don’t read funny books, don’t see funny things, don’t talk to funny people, don’t waste your energy in worrying, in futuristic attitude, keep to yourself. Let this [SHRI MATAJI PUTS HER HAND ON HER HEAD] grow because the roots are in the brain. The tree of awareness grows downward but the roots are in the brain and you have to go to the roots now because you have done that movement now you come back and for that you have to know to look after your brain.

The other day I also said that I don’t know why you people don’t put any oil whatsoever. Why not put oil in the head, poor head needs the oil always, at least on a Saturday, put so much oil, rub it nicely and have a bath. But people just don’t put any oil in their head. I mean you must oil, gear up your brain, don’t you think so? If you don’t put oil in any machine, it will crack. For this brain which is your special machine after Sahaja Yoga is really a very special one, you must try to put lot of oil in it.

Put some oil in the ears, put some oil in the nose. Now the modern theory of the doctors is don’t put any oil or anything into the ears and the noses of the children. Rajesh’s brother had a child and they went to of course to a latest Doctor from America. And the child was crying, weeping, feeling so horrible and his Brahmarandra, what you call, the fontanel bone area was not filled at all, it was all open. I said, ‛What’s the matter with you people?“

They said the doctor has said, ‛Don’t touch the oil.“

I said, ‛What?“

They said, ‛He’ll have allergy“.

I said, ‛Nothing of the kind, you bring the oil.“ I got one full katori [KATORI MEANS BOWL IN HINDI] of oil, rubbed it on his head, pushed back that thing and I put it in nose, in ears, the child slept like a log of wood. Imagine how much the child must have suffered? These stupid ideas come from where? I don’t know, they don’t have any oil these days, so what is their idea is to do, some business must be behind it, I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know what they are going to run by not giving any oil to the children. They must be having some business with that also. Otherwise it is absolutely a stupid idea. I just don’t understand that the child has an allergy. But how presumptuous to think like that!

Now why the child has an allergy. Now let Me ask a question. Why a child will have an allergy? The doctors have to answer. Or, of course you are all doctors so you should say. Can I have the answer?

Yogi: It could be an imbalance of heat and cold in the body?

Shri Mataji: But why? Say on the chakras. You say on the chakras what will be catching. If somebody has allergies, what does it catch?

Yogi: The Left Nabhi.

Shri Mataji: Correct. Left Nabhi. Left Nabhi will catch. Now that means the mother. Because the child is not yet married so it’s the mother. That means mother must be having a left Nabhi herself and that’s why the child must catching with that allergy, so instead of punishing the child, why not cure the left Nabhi of the mother and left Nabhi of the child?

Now what will you do if there’s a left Nabhi of the child? What we can do to help the child to get rid of it?

Ah, very simple. Anything that is left can be taken out on the little flame. Put your right hand on the left Nabhi of the child and put your left hand to the flame and finished.

Now in diagnosis you are easy but now for medicines, now remember the certain principles of medicines. Very certain principles are there. If it is left side, you have take it to the fire or to the sun or to the flames, all right? If it is a left side [could Shri Mataji have meant ‛right“?] you have take it to the water in general. Any body suffering from right side, put him in the water, finished. Done. Not in the sun of course.

Any disease, you bring it to this point. It’s very simple. Now let Me have some questions about certain diseases.

Yogi: They’ve been asking Me for the last three weeks.

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Yogi: They’ve been asking Me for the last three weeks, so they must have it.

Shri Mataji: All right let’s have it, I will see if I can answer. Yes.

Yogi: Psoriasis, Mother?

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Yogi: Psoriasis.

Shri Mataji: Same thing. Psoriasis is nothing else but left side problem. Is a lethargic liver. And gives you allergies. For psoriasis, left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the Mother Earth. Putting hot water bottle on the stomach. Or even giving bandhan to your liver with the light is all right. You must see, because psoriasis, now people might think psoriasis means active liver or inactive liver, you see it comes to that point. But we have only two types: active or inactive. Now whether psoriasis is inactive or active you will know from one point that when the liver is inactive you get the allergies, and when it is active you get other problems like what you call that in English, I don’t know, nausea and also you get biliousness. You don’t eat much, you thin down all these problems are there. Now what else?

Yogi: Eczema?

Shri Mataji: For eczema same thing. Eczema is the same thing, is just like allergy, eczema same thing. But for eczema because it’s outward you can use certain things like neem ka pata and all that I’ve told you and so many things can be used on top.

Yogi: Fungus?

Shri Mataji: Fungus, outside or inside?

Yogi: On the skin.

Shri Mataji: Is one of the worst thing is fungus. Same thing, but it’s the worst thing I should say that it’s the left side again is the attack is the left side fungus is all dead and you have to use the left side towards the photograph and right hand on the places wherever you have the fungus, you may take it out that way but don’t eat cheese, and the fungousy cheese you are not supposed to eat at all. All the Sahaja Yogis should not eat any fungousy cheese. That blue one, with a crust one, all fungus must to avoided, and also mushrooms if possible.

Yogi: Why does cow’s milk make allergies and eczema worse?

Shri Mataji: What is…?

Yogi: Why does cow’s milk make allergies and eczema worse?

Shri Mataji: Cow’s milk..

Yogi: Because it’s left side?

Shri Mataji: Left side. Cow’s milk always give you the left side because she’s the mother, and you should not have her milk, because it’s left sided. Whether it is cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, all will give allergies but if you have animals which are smaller than you like if you can drink like Mahatma Gandhi the goat’s milk then you might not have the problem.

Yogi: We do completely around.. When we have diarrhea we drink milk.

Shri Mataji: Diarrhea you drink milk? The amount of salads you eat, sometimes I think this fodder will make us like buffalos or what? I just can’t touch them I tell you. But I have to eat just to show that I appreciate.

Yogi: Bronchial Asthma.

Shri Mataji: Bronchial asthma is caused by the combination of the right heart and the left heart. If the parents have been quarreling too much, if they are divorced, if you never had the security of the parent’s love, then you get bronchial asthma, but if it is another one just superficial one then it could be from the father’s death or from the fatherhood suffering but if father and motherhood both have made you insecure or if both of them have died then you get bronchial asthma. Is a combination.

Yogi: Hypoglycemia.

Shri Mataji: What’s that?

Yogi: Low blood level. Hypo-glycemia.

Shri Mataji: I know. Low blood level. That comes from over activity. You should not think so much. Agnya. Too much of Agyna. Agnya chakra. Too much of agnya. Surrender yourself to Christ, absolutely surrender yourself to Christ, it will work out.

Yogi: Spondylitis.

Shri Mataji: Spondylitis is left Vishuddhi. And right Vishuddhi could be also. But mostly left Vishuddhi Spondylitis. Combination also could be.

Yogi: Multiple Sclerosis.

Shri Mataji: Multiple Sclerosis is comes from Mooladhara. Mooladhara and Nabhi. Left Nabhi and Mooladhara. It’s more left sided. Give the treatment of the left side. Saying the name of Ganesha and of Gauri. It will work out.

Yogi: Varicose veins Mother.

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Yogi: Varicose veins.

Shri Mataji: It comes from the people who stand too much all the time and they work very hard. As soon as it starts it’s better to cure them, you have to lie down everyday. Those who stand everyday for more than say three-four hours should lie down on bed and do cycling. [SHRI MATAJI MAKES CYCLING MOVEMENTS WITH HER HANDS]. Everyday, that will help reduce the weight maybe due to weight also. Some people have weight, but those who stand, I’ve seen those who stand for a long time without the heels, if you use the heels you might be better off. With the heels the pressure is not so much then it is distributed more to the lower of those five chakras down below that might help. But, best is to do exercise after you have stood for a long time just lie down in the bed and do cycling, and also massaging, slowly massaging it downward. Also it can work out with the ice treatment, you can put some ice before massaging you can put the ice on them and use very cold oil and rub it, it will work out.

Yogi: Flu? Flu?

Shri Mataji: That’s one thing is difficult. Flu. Now for flu, first of all this is again left-sided. But we have got a very good medicine in India I don’t know if you have that there is what you call is the basil [IN HINDI IT IS CALLED TULSI]. Basil leaves, you take lots of basil leaves make a concoction, it’s called?

Yogi: Infusion.

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Yogi: Infusion.

Shri Mataji: No.

Yogi: Boil it up in a pot.

Shri Mataji: Boil it up in a pot, make it absolutely, the essence take it out quite thick put tea in it or wateror just like the way you want to make it like a tea and put milk or whichever way you want but less milk and sugar because the taste may not be so good. And then you drink it, before that you have to prepare some what you call for dhuni? You all know ajwain ka dhuni. You see you know that. So you take ajwain ka dhuni after that, that’s all. You do it three days you’ll be all right, cleared out.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, psychosomatic diseases…?

Shri Mataji: What?

Yogi: He’s saying psychosomatic diseases in particular, nervous break down comes from where? Right side or left side?

Shri Mataji: You see it’s a very funny word psychosomatic means it’s also psycho and it’s also somatic, so I don’t know which one it is, if you say psycho somatic or somatic psycho.

Yogi: You mean psychological diseases?

Shri Mataji: Nehi, nehi. Psychosomatic is nervousness you see. Nervousness can be caused by bad habits. How? Like if you are an air hostess you form a bad habit, as soon as you see the airport [SHRI MATAJI MOVES HER HAND AROUND HER STOMACH INDICATING NERVOUSNESS].

Now those who travel too much. As soon as they have to travel they go off their heads. Over doing anything, you see, you get nervous feeling, it’s a matter of habit, you form that habit so it happens. So, I will not say it is due to some bhadha or anything, but your nerves are too much used in a particular way. Then they just give in, they cannot work it out anymore. So then you must change that habit. Supposing you are traveling too much by plane, then travel by a ship, or travel by a train, or by a bullock cart. Or don’t travel, something like that, anything that you over do too much that forms a kind of a strain on your nerves. So try to reduce that strain on your nerves.

Yogi: You recommended heels, what height?

Shri Mataji: No, no I didn’t say for all of you. I said for varicose veins. Or specially for people who develop problems on the heels. There’s no height you just try whatever you can say about one inch will do from one inch onward, anything, not too much one inch or lower, but you see if you develop some sort of a bone on your heels or something like that for that the heels are always better. Little heels are better.

Baldness. It’s not a disease. But it comes out of many habits. One of them is wearing the hat. If you wear the hat too tight then the circulation of the brain is spoiled and that’s when you might get one. Then also with the left Nabhi you might develop a back bald head here if you have a left Nabhi then their’s no circulation, it works out that way. And they say that if somebody has a bald head he will get some money, he’s a moneyed man, in India. I don’t know why we believe in such a thing, but we believe that if you have a bald head means he’s a moneyed man, you see, the one who does not have a bald head is not a moneyed man, who doesn’t have a belly is not a dignified man, according to Indian standards. But bald head is caused by not using oil. Or, by not using proper oil. Oil should be used properly and the skull must be actually the skull must be rubbed not the skin so that if you rub it the skin must move on the skull and then you won’t have this problem. Another is that if you use funny type of oils with lots of fragrance and essences in it then you might get grey hair. And also ghee should never be used for rubbing in the head but you can use it for the body is good ghee or even the butter is good if you are overactive, then, otherwise not, but ghee should never be used or butter should never be used for the hair.

Now you have two types of bald heads, as I told you. Some who start from here and some who start from there. [SHRI MATAJI POINTS TO THE FRONT OF HER HEAD AND THEN TO THE BACK]. It’s a very interesting subject. [YOGIS LAUGH TOO]. And, those who have both, could be. Now I would say the one which starts from here [SHRI MATAJI POINTS TO THE FRONT OF THE HEAD] are the people who are the ones who have got an Ekadesha problem also possibly. With the Ekadesha problem it starts or who are not very collective or something, it will start receding back. All right, those who start from here [SHRI MATAJI POINTS TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD] are the people who may not be good husbands, maybe something wrong with their wives, maybe bad wives, the husband-wife relationship is upsetting then also this starts at the back or maybe there’s some incompatibility between the two or too much attachment to the wife or too much attachment to the husband also you start developing like that.

All these things are left Nabhi, so the left Nabhi relationship you know is the Gruha Lakshmi relationship, where you adore your wife so much that she’s no more a Gruha Lakshmi also is a wrong thing, these things start with that. And also could be, also could be with your hectic life, if you are very hectic in your life running up and down doing too much work also it may start, you don’t listen to your wife about it and you think you have to do this work then also it might start it there are so many reasons for the left Nabhi to start, but the one that starts here [SHRI MATAJI POINTS TO HER FOREHEAD AREA] starts with the right Nabhi or we can say with the Ekadesha more on this side. So I don’t know in your case, Johan, what should I blame. I would say is a complete neglect, complete neglect of your hair, no oiling at all that’s what it is, I mean if you do not give water to the plant it will die and then if you say why is it caused, I mean if you don’t give it water it’s the one that it eats, drinks and lives on so oil is the one on which the hair reside.

Yogi: In the west we get pain in the knees when we sit on the ground, is there anyway of avoiding it?

Shri Mataji: You see it is due to the Nabhi you have. Right or the left and no practice of sitting down. Now what you have to do that you have to learn a certain what you call an exercise. I’ve told people what is the exercise needed for it then you’ll get used to it you’ll start sitting on the ground all right without feeling the pain on the knees. It will help you in the long run very much. There are certain exercises to be done. But at least your children you make them sit on the ground from now so that there’s no problem for them.

Yogi: I noticed that a lot of ladies…

Shri Mataji: Here? In the West?

Yogi: When I came to Paris, I noticed a lot of ladies after sixty years old began to lose hair.

Shri Mataji: But sixty years one should have that otherwise they don’t look all right, you see, in sixty years you should look like a sixty year old, you see, otherwise it’s very embarrassing. For Me I must say I must also get some bald head and some wrinkles and this and that. Because, you see, once we were traveling and we had some lady with us she’s six years younger to Me and Modi was all the time trying to help her, poor old lady, poor old lady, I said what’s this nonsense, she’s six years, younger to Me and you are just trying to help her all the time. What about Me? Nobody’s bothered, they make Me sit for hours together, they do this, do that. Supposing if I looked old, you would have said, ‛No, no Mother, you must be tired.“ Now the ladies develop that because they might be dominating women – possibly, or maybe they are neglecting their hair.

Yogi: Or drunkenness.

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Yogi: Or drunkenness.

Shri Mataji: Drunkenness, also could be they might have taken drugs or maybe, in the west anything is possible under the sun, you see, or maybe, they’ve had some problems with their mothers or something like that basically must be there but I think mostly it is due to neglect, complete neglect of the hair. You see these hair styles, now you go to any person who is doing this hair styling within three years time we are bald, then they will give a wig, that’s their business. So going to these hair dressers and all that you develop it. What is the need to go to the hair dresser? I don’t understand. There’s no need, waste your time, waste your money. You look very nice without it.

Yogi: Is there a chance to get lost hair back?

Shri Mataji: Huh? What she…?

Yogi: Is there a chance to get lost hair back?

Shri Mataji: Ah, you might. Try. If not by Sahaja Yoga, they say there is a method. They put something here there [SHRI MATAJI POINTS TO THE TOP OF HER HEAD] and they plant it and all those things they do. If you do it then I’ll see to it that they grow well.

Yogi: Why are diseases through generations limited to seven generations? Or any trouble, Mother, that comes through the generations?

Shri Mataji: The problems are like this. There’s only one center which covers all the seven centers which is the Mooladhara. Because it is the Omkara. It is the Chaitanya. If Mooladhara is insulted, say I said that if there’s an incest relationship and the family grows then it is seven generations. But, if it is between a very holy relationship like a mother and a son or something like that then it is fourteen generations. It’s complete insult of Shri Ganesh and so many of these can come from there most of it comes because Shri Ganesha gives you the real strength. Those who have insulted Shri Ganesha are always delicate people physically, so you have to reestablish your Shri Ganesh.

Yogi: …How to keep the body cool in summer?.

Shri Mataji: Uh?

Yogi: How to keep the body cool in summer?

Shri Mataji: To keep the body cool in summer first of all you have to do is to take some ice and rub it on your liver, keep the liver cool, don’t think too much, don’t take hot things like in the summer time so many people eat those watermelons and things like that. They should be cooled down properly, like even mangos in India must be cooled down and then taken. All such fruits should be cooled down and then eaten. Some people eat the mangos just from the tree, that’s very wrong. You have to cool it down for twenty-four hours and then eat it. This we knew all of us, but in modern times I don’t know if people don’t know. All these things add up. Then reduce on meats and fish specially, you should not eat fish in the summertime at all. First of all it is spoiled, something wrong with it or else it has phosphorous which ignites you. So avoid all these things, eat things which are cool. Now specially for India it is very easy because we have got something called gool khand which is made out of rose petals which is a very good thing for cooling the liver, then cardamom, then the candy sugar, sugar itself. All these things will cool down your liver and you’ll feel very good. It’s the change in your diet is very important during the summertime.

Yogi: Hemorrhoids, is it a Mooladhara problem? Hemorrhoids?

Shri Mataji: Right side. Right side Mooladhara. Right side. For that you have to keep yourself cool, again get the cooling effects, all the cooling things to be done and also a very good thing is to eat the black dried grapes. What do you call them?

Yogi: Raisins.

Shri Mataji: Raisins. Black raisins, soak them in the night with some orange juice and eat them, I mean soak them in the morning eat them in the night before sleeping. That will cool down, that’s very, very cooling [HINDI] I’ve forgotten the name. [MARATHI] For allergy the best is gheru, you take all of you, you should take gheru those who suffer from allergy and we get little stone pieces round ones rub it on that and take it with some water about seven times and then eat it, is good for allergies, but everybody should not only those who have allergies, gheru is not good for people who have overactive liver. Now if you’re finished, huh..

Shri Mataji: Kya? [IT MEANS ‛WHAT?“ IN HINDI]

Yogi: India has the biggest problem of leprosy particularly Bihar and U.P., what is the reason?

Shri Mataji: It’s a kind of a, you know it’s an infectious disease and now they have found some sort of a thing for that leprosy, is not only in India it was everywhere, but you know the [HINDI] the ones what you call them the parasites which create this leprosy drink kerosene oil, petrol, they prosper in petrol, do you know that?

Yogi: What is the treatment in Sahaja for that?

Shri Mataji: For leprosy, you see, for any infection as such it’s all left-sided. One can work it out but as far as possible keep out of it. Infectious diseases you better not treat. This is very dangerous, I will never advise you because you shouldn’t waste your energy on lepers now, leave them to Me. Which is the easiest way to cure yourself?

Yogi: What about people who are born with epilepsy?

Shri Mataji: Oh, epilepsy is curable, hundred percent curable, it’s a left-sided problem, epilepsy whether born or anything can be cured, can be cured.


Huh? Excessive?

Yogi: Excessive tooth decay?

Shri Mataji: Tooth decay? You see for tooth decay the thing is you must use your fingers to rub on your teeth you see that’s the thing and also on your gums. So what you have because you have got vibrations, your right Vishuddhi’s quite all right, it is due to right Vishuddhi, so what you have to do is deficiency in Right Vishuddhi gives you, rub it nicely with olive oil and little salt, very good finely thinned out salt and it will stop it everyday, everyday, brushing is not sufficient.

Shri Mataji: One more, one more. One more here. What’s it? Sit down, sit down.

Yogi: What is the reason for having your intestines all on the left side?

Shri Mataji:0All on the left side? Nothing on the right. Good idea. Left side. There’s no reason as such you see after all think that God creates so many human beings. Even I mean you tell about two hundred people to do some work, one goes this way, another goes that way, you don’t know what happens, they go so helter-skelter. Now in that sometimes it’s a freak it happens, there are freaks, it makes no difference. All right, what do you want? What’d she say?

Yogi: Ulcerative colitis.

Shri Mataji: Ulcerative colitis comes by people who have amebiosis maybe one of them could be, is it there? Hmm.

Yogi: Is there amebiosis?

Shri Mataji: Yeah, yes. Could be due to that. Or could be due to very hot food if you eat, or if you drink too much and all these things you see can be affecting, but mostly it is due to amebiosis I’ve seen it and hot food, you shouldn’t eat hot food, like some people like very hot food and they get this trouble.

Yogi: Does anyone have a question that’s a little more visionary? A little less medical. What about Hailey’s Comet appearing later this year?

Shri Mataji: I’ve seen it. This Mr. Hailey had seen it and he said this will happen, that will happen and they say so it’s a good sign, let’s see, you see whatever maybe the stars, whatever may be the things, unless and until human beings become sensitive nothing can happen. We have to be sensitive people to receive the blessings of these things otherwise Hailey may come, Mailey may come but we go on forever to be. If we are become sensitive then only it will happen, first of all when there is ego what’s it’s nothing is going to work out. Ego has to go down and you have to feel everything, the vibrations and everything of the atmosphere of all the stars, then it will work out. Otherwise, it has no effect.

Yogi: What is the proper attitude when we take darshan from You? I’ve never known how to approach You.

Shri Mataji: Oh, it’s rather embarrassing. All right I’ll close My eyes and My face and I’ll tell you [MARATHI]. Now. Your question is nice. Now supposing Christ appears before you and you know He’s Christ, what will happen? That should be the attitude at least minimum, though Christ had to manage only one chakra I have to manage seven. If that attitude develops even thinking of Me is sufficient, you have to just think of Me your diseases will be cured. That depth has to be there. This is just one chakra seven times raised to the power seven. That’s what it is. You have seen the miracles, you have seen the photographs, you have seen thousands getting Realization, none of them did it. But also I’m Mahamaya. But in your heart you should know whom you are facing. But mostly people get into the web of Mahamaya very much that awe is so fulfilling, so penetrating, so deep that one lives with that idea only all the time, you don’t need anything with that. It’s a very great fortune, if I were you I would have called Myself the most fortunate person, but it’s the other way round, I don’t know what to say then, though I must say that I’m very fortunate because compared to all of them I have so many of you here who are Sahaja Yogis, so I’m very fortunate, very happy about it, very happy, but still to grow in that you have to know what it is. Indians have senses, it goes easily into their heads, they are very sensitive. In the same way I hope you develop it in that way, in that fashion, then life would be very enjoyable. All right now coming back to something practical.

I have to ask you have you made all the purchases that are needed for your pujas in your various countries?

Yogi: They are going to do some of it in Bombay, on the day it’s available. When the busses go back in each case.

Shri Mataji: Because all those who are going Europeans, please raise your hands. By the earlier.

Yogi: First bus.

Shri Mataji: First bus.

Yogi: Monday 7:15 the Egypt Airfly will leave on the 17th morning.

Shri Mataji: Now there’s one good solution also, I was saying that if you start very early in the morning, next day you may reach there for this work but the shops close very fast. Another one could be you make a list of things that you want and send it over to Nima or someone, and they’ll keep it ready for you so you need not go to the shop to get it. For example, if you want to buy a mukhoot, you want to buy this and that, better give her a list and they will keep it ready for you. As soon as you go you’ll get them, is a better idea, don’t leave it to chances because when you travel you see you don’t know the car may not take you at the right time, the shops maybe closed, being Sunday it’s going to be difficult again, best is to make a list, even Saturday is very difficult there, it’s so crowded and all that. So make a list of things that you want definitely, and those otherwise you can try later on some that you want to buy personally but actually these things are so common and so understandable you write it down whatever you want for your puja. Have you got any list? Of say what one needs for the puja?

No all together what you want to buy? Then make a list now, sit down and make a list, now when you’ve made the list, I’ll send somebody to Bombay who will purchase all these things, keep ready for you, put the price for you, you pay them and you take them. I don’t think you’ll have much chance to go to any shop and I would advise don’t go to any shop on a Saturday. On the contrary, you just go to the airport, rest there and take your things.

Yogi: They reach on Friday night, they have all day Saturday and they go in the small hours of Sunday morning.

Shri Mataji: Why do you want them to go on Friday night? Better let them go on Saturday morning.

Yogi: They choose that.

Shri Mataji: I see. And what about you people?

Yogi: We’re going the next day. We’ll leave on Saturday and the flights not only until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Yogi: But if you suggest Mother that they go on Saturday they’ll do it. No, is better go earlier because in any case. You know why I was saying that maybe you see cars and this and that supposing it fails or something better to be there one day earlier. Try if you can get something because Saturday’s such a crowded thing there, I don’t know.

Yogi: We’ll still make this common list for the puja.

Shri Mataji: In any case you should. Whatever you have is all right, if you don’t have you better make it here, I mean you spend so much time making the mookhut, what’s the need? You can get it here ready made, very good ones, any amount, any type you want, if you want to do it you can do it but normally there’s no need.

Yogi: They don’t know what mookhut is Mother?

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Yogi: You better tell them what mookhut is.

Shri Mataji: Mookhut is the crown. Yes. All right, by all means you can see. It’s done or not.

Yogi: [HINDI – Requesting Shri Mataji to vibrate kumkum for Australia.]

Shri Mataji: Ha, Ha, please bring it.

[Individual conversations between Shri Mataji and Yogi continues]

Shri Mataji: For the hair, coconut oil is the best.

If before going, whatever silver you have got you put it in your suitcase. Find it also customs you just … [voice breaks a bit] Please tell them frankly that these are [Shri Mataji requests to increase the volume of the microphone] … these are your wedding presents, would be better if you wrap it with some …

Shri Mataji tells a yogi specifically: It’s not meant for you in any case, meant for married people.

In case you are carrying the silver with you then put it in your suitcases with a wrapper, with the wishing of somebody like that for your marriage. You should say, ‛We got married.“ Or, somebody has to say, ‛We re-married. It’s a present.“ And, they won’t say anything to you. But in any case, they won’t see anything, I hope so.

Next time when you come don’t bring any nonsensical thing like the one you brought last time. First was My television set the way it was ruined. It’s all absurd ideas, I never do like that. You need not try to avoid paying customs. We have to pay where you have to pay. So, whatever you are bringing, each person should not bring more that five hundred rupees worth, means about say, about twenty-five pounds. Secondly, that whenever you bring such things like tapes you should divide them into different people and then bring it. Don’t bring them together. Thirdly, whatever you bring you don’t send it back without asking Me. There’s no logic in it. All the way you bring something here and why do you send it back?

Again, this is the same brain I think which I cannot explain. Nobody can explain this. Yen, who took them back?

[Yogi’s answer is inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Who is he? From Bristol? You know we have paid for that.

[Yogi’s answer is inaudible]

Shri Mataji: But why? English originals, why did you send? You see, you are made in-charge of that, have you? Who has made you in-charge? Warren made you in-charge, did he? Then, did you ask Warren? You don’t know you have sent also in that, I had saved some tapes which were the bhajan tapes. I saved them that time when I was giving. I said, ‛Keep them for the villagers.“

I’m saying did you appoint him as the in-charge of the tapes?

All right. What, he didn’t do these tapes. The tapes that he has sent back, he never did it. That’s done by Paul. We have purchased them, gave it to Paul for doing it. Now, I saved these ones when I was giving the presents to people. I said, ‛Save these.“ Because I have to take them for distribution for the villagers and these tapes were sent back. He never asked Me. See, this is the trouble. When you are in-charge, doesn’t mean you can do things like that. These are not your tapes that you sent them. We paid for it, we got it done through Paul. It has nothing to do with you. You never did these tapes. Nothing. No, you did not. I know. Paul did it. It was given to Paul, we paid for it, we asked Paul to do it. He did it. These tapes are not done by you. If you have done it I don’t know but as far as I know, they are done by Paul. And, I kept them back, I didn’t give them.

Yesterday, I was really crestfallen because I had told them that I’ll give it to the bhajan-mandals. And, it was not there. They asked Me, ‛Where are the tapes You had promised us, Mother?“

[Yogi’s answer is inaudible]

Shri Mataji: I think you do not know because I had kept about forty tapes or thirty tapes which were of Indian bhajans separately with that. But what was the hurry? If you have to send something, you can always send it later.

[Yogi’s answer is inaudible]

Shri Mataji: How do you know? You just sent the lot. How do you know? You didn’t see everything. Definitely, they are gone but why do anything without asking? First of all, always do things with asking. You shouldn’t behave arbitrarily, first point. Second point is that these things can be done later. What is the hurry? Even Warren asks Me if he has to do something. Is a very common thing I know with the Western mind. I’ve known that. I’ll tell you people used to live in My house, they would just walk off keeping the door open, just walk off. Where’s he gone? God knows! He’s walked off. Very common. He just walked off. Where did he go? I mean, even if we have to go the bathroom, we’ll tell somebody, ‛I’m going to the bathroom.“ That’s our habit.

No, it’s all right whatever it is but I’d saved these. Now, I cannot locate it because it’s not there. There was no need to send them back at all. What was the hurry? To whom are you committed? If not to Me, at least to Warren. Why they arranged these things? I think something goes out there. You better look after yourself. You have to do sadhana. You all must do sadhana. There’s one more thing: is that by saying I’m a Sahaja Yogi, by believing I’m a Sahaja Yogi, you are not going to be helped. You have to do your meditation sincerely. You see, I know it’s not hypocrisy. But also it is not all out sincere effort. There’s something in between, the limbo I would say. That’s not the way. We think we are Sahaja Yogis. All right, then do it. You have to everyday; all these Indian Sahaja Yogis meditate everyday. Everyday. They are much more in a way evolved. They have a much better background. We have to fight all that. Everyday, they cannot live without it. All right? Now, try to meditate, try to take out because you have problems there. That’s how you go off. Now, just don’t do anything arbitrarily, ask ten people. I also ask you. I don’t do anything arbitrarily. Yesterday, when all the leaders were there, I asked them what is to be done, isn’t it, Warren? Asked everyone. I can do everything Myself, I don’t do that. It’s a collective thing, you cannot do anything like that.

All right, that’s one thing now. Thank you very much. Next time, don’t do anything. It’s not only him, I’m telling all of you. Don’t do anything arbitrarily. All right? May God bless you!

Now, second is Felicity, come here. Felicity, you sit down. I have to tell you one thing. In Sahaja Yoga, you have come here to achieve an ascent. You know you had lots of problems. You have not come here to achieve any positions, know that. If you want to achieve positions, why don’t you go to politics and spare us? You become ministers, prime ministers, do what you like. Why do you want to start another center?

[Answer is inaudible]

Who is Danny? Is he you leader? Who is your leader? Then, why did you listen to Danny? Danny will do that. He’s gone back, he’ll tell you, he’ll try to break your organization. Are you going to listen to him? He will do like this. You should have told him in all sense that you better talk to Lori. Now, don’t listen to Danny. He’s already gone off his head. Actually, he made a horrible thing which you can’t imagine. I mean, if I tell you, you’ll be shocked. He made a deed. He made the deed for the so-called registration of the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.

[Shri Mataji asks a Yogi] That one or the other one also: Life Eternal Trust?

[Yogi’s answer inaudible]

You can say Life Eternal Trust and what he did was that when I die he becomes the head. He becomes the head of the whole of the world, Mr. Danny. That his great wife has achieved it. And, when he [Shri Mataji points to one of the Yogis sitting there] found it out, he told Me, ‛Mother, what are You doing?“

I trusted him, he’s such a good man. I don’t know how he got into this trap of getting some sort of a power. Can you do that? You cannot.

Started it [Shri Mataji smiles and shows thumbs up and gives bandhan, Yogis chant Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ki Jai]

[Conversations in Marathi]

You have to support Lori out and out. I must get good report about you from her. You know you had terrible problems, you know that. I must get very good report from her. And, you must respect your leaders. Don’t treat them as equals. None of you are going to treat your leaders as equals, you have to respect them and you have to listen to them. If something goes wrong with them, I will remove them. Don’t start arbitrary behavior. This goes to this limit what Danny has done. Do you want to become like that? So don’t start any arbitrary behavior. And, if you want to make Me unhappy, I have nothing to say but I’ve tried to make you happy by so many ways and so many methods but if you want to make Me unhappy all the time, what can I do? I have to be unhappy. You don’t want to make Me unhappy, isn’t it Felicity? All right, now go ahead and don’t do all these things. It hurts Me. I mean, I just don’t understand. You have been with Me for so many days and this thing, I’ve loved you so much, just can’t understand. Why do you want to hurt Me? All right, get up now.

Now for something nice, we should say it’s done is done, finished. You see, sometimes the ocean of forgiveness gets so filled up that some of it like what you call the tushar in Marathi we say. I don’t know in English what is the word is. Some drops come out from that on the shore. Try to love each other, try to be helpful to each other, try to enjoy others – that’s what you are here for. Keep to your age, keep to your levels, keep to your growth and also, you must understand that respect if you give, you get the respect also. This is not the way one should behave in Sahaja Yoga. I’m trying to build up a new world. You are doing God’s work. Just find out have you got sufficiently enough understanding what work you are taking. Arbitrary behavior is absolutely cancerous for Sahaja Yoga. Anybody does that, you point it out to others, ‛This is arbitrary.“

This has been done very much before also. You know how the money was collected arbitrarily by Patrick. Terrible things happened and everybody supported him, even Steve and everyone and people sent him money without asking Me. This is very sad. You are all Sahaja Yogis of such a level and you must come up to that level and see that you are the people who are going to change the whole world. You are the foundation of that. No arbitrary behavior should be there but an understanding because you have to receive so much. Unless and until, you are respectful, you cannot receive anything. Whatever you have to do please ask your leaders. Don’t do anything arbitrarily. The leader may be younger than you, may be older than you, may be now he is appointed, you are an old Sahaja Yogi. Doesn’t matter, I know whom to appoint, I’ve appointed that person there.

All right. I hope you will give Me joy and happiness as I have always tried to give you.

May God bless you!

Now, the ladies have arrived and they want to give bangles to the ladies. They have brought the bangles for you. The reason is tomorrow is a great day, what we call the Sankrant. Is a day when the Sun changes its meridian? It moves from the South to the North, towards the Cancer. It moves towards the Cancer, you see. And, that’s how tomorrow is a very great day for us, fourteenth. That day we say that that’s the day lots of things happen. So, San Krant. Krant means revolution and San means holy. So is a day of holy revolution. Luckily we are here, we’ll be having a nice puja, we’ll have an international puja also, everything will be done tomorrow very nicely.

Now, one thing we have to do today that these ladies have come to give bangles to you, to all the ladies. They have got all sizes. They showed Me what sizes I should take. I told them some of them should be maximum. [laughter] And, they’ve brought it. So as many as you can have, please have it. All right? [applause]

[Marathi] We don’t offer them to men because it is insulting. When the men don’t go for a fight or they behave cowardly then women offer their bangles to men that, ‛You better wear them, sit at home and I’ll go on the war.“ There’s a saying, ‛Bangadya bhara.“ Means to men if you say that that means now you are a coward. Means that in all languages.

It’s a sanctuary here, so many birds. Have you seen those birds before or only they have arrived today? Just go and have a look. We have everything by the kilos, you see. [Marathi]

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