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Shri Fatima puja — 1988 |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

St Georges, Switzerland
14 August 1988 

Today we have gathered to do the Puja of Fatima Bi, who was the symbol of Gruha Laxmi. So we are going to have the Puja of Gruha Laxmi principle within us. As the house wife has to finish every work, everything in the house hold and then she goes for a bath, in the same way this morning I had to do lots of things and then I could come for your Puja, because today the house wife’s jobs are many. So I had to finish them like a good house wife.

Now the Principle of Gruha Laxmi has been evolved and developed by the divine, its not a human being’s creation and as you know it resides in the left Nabhi. The Gruha Laxmi is the one that is represented in the life of Fatima who was the daughter of Mohammed Saheb. Now She is always born in a relationship to a Guru which is of Virginity, of Purity. So She comes as sister or She comes as a daughter. Now the beauty of Fatima’s life is that after the death of Mohammed Saheb, as usual, there were fanatic people who thought they can take the religion into their hands and can make it a. very fanatic thing. The attention was not paid so much towards the ascent of the person. Even Mohammed Saheb has described his son in law in many ways and he is the only one, the another incarnation of Brahmadeva who came on this earth, Ali, came on this earth. He was the incarnation of Brahmadeva and his another incarnation was Sopandeva. You can go to Pune and see the temple of Sopandeva there.

So we have Ali and his wife Fatima who incarnated on the Principle of the Left Nabhi. She stayed in her house, in her house hold and she observed what you call a kind of a Parda or nakab as they call it, to cover her face. It is a symbol that a woman who is a house wife has to save her chastity by covering her face because she was a beautiful woman and they were born in a country which was very-very violent and she would have been definitely attacked in case she had not lived in that kind of fashion.

As you know, in the time of Christ, though Mary was Mahalaxmi-’s incarnation, had to be very-very potential personality and Christ did not want anybody to know what she was. But though she was in the house she was Shakti, so she allowed her sons or actually ordered them to fight those fanatics who were trying to deny the authority of her husband, and you know, Hasan and Hussain, they were killed there. Its a very beautiful thing how the Mahalaxmi Tatva of Sita took a form of Vishnu Maya just to establish the beautiful principle of a house wife. She was very powerful, no doubt, and she knew that her children will be killed. But these people are never killed, they never die nor do they suffer. Its a drama they had to play to show people how stupid they are. As a result of that another system started where they respected saints; like in India Shiya people respect Auliyas or we can call them the people who are realized souls like Nizamuddin Saheb. Then we have got ‛Chisti“. We have got, in Ajmer, Hajrat Chisti. All. these great Saints were respected by Shiyas. But still they could not transcend the limits of religiosity, so they also became extremely fanatic.

Firstly they would not see to another religion where they had saints. They would not respect the saints who belonged to another religion and even when we had a great saint like Sai Nath of Shirdi, who was a Muslim to begin with, and it is said that Fatima herself brought him as a child in her lap and gave him to some lady. We didn’t deny, as far as Hindus were concerned, his saintliness, but the Muslims did not accept it. There is another one who is called Haji Malang, who is very near Bombay, who was a realised soul. He too realised the fanaticism of the Shiyas. `Shiya’ word comes from Siya; in U. P. Sita is called as Siya. Sitaji is called as `Siya’. They also did not realise that they are saints who are not, so called, Muslims but they are saints. So they could not get out of it. So we have another one called Haji Malang who was worshipped by Hindus. Some Muslims also go there, no doubt. This Haji Malang was quite worried about the fanaticism of the Shiyas. So he appointed some Hindus to worship him, just to counter balance. They did all kinds of things.

There are many saints like that. I went to Bhopal. There is another big saint who was buried. But all his disciples were just depending on the earnings of that place, which was very bad. Even Hajrat Nizamuddin’s disciples do the same way as the Hindus do. They all make an earning, I mean it’s a kind of commercial business. So this saint died and was buried there. There were many people depending on it. When I went there, I just, by the way, asked them, what is your religion? So they said we are Muslims. I said what was the religion of that saint who died? They said saints have no religions. So I said then why do you want to follow religion. Why don’t you follow his religion. They had no religion. Even the Sanyasis have no religions. They are ‛Dharmatita“. They go beyond the religion. But as it has happened with every incarnation, it has happened even with the Shiya people, with the Sunnis, with the Hindus, with the Muslims and every one, that they made a fanatic group. Now fanaticism itself is absolutely against religion, against your innate religion within your-self because it creates poison. It’s a venomous thing. It makes you hate others. When you start hating others, then it reacts in you as horrible poison which eats up all that is beautiful with in you. Hating any one is the worst thing that human beings can do, but they can do it. They can do whatever they like. Animals do not hate any one. Can you imagine? They do not know how to hate, they bite some one because that is their nature, they cut some one because that’s their nature. They never hate some o.e. They may not like some one but this hatred, which is a poison, is a speciality of human conception and human absorption. Only human beings can hate; and this horrible thing hatred was settled between even the Muslims.

This Karbala was not created for hatred, but for love. Everything that was done for love was converted into hatred, in every religion. Now the worst part of the whole thing is, that one part which hates thinks the other part is the worst of all and the another part thinks that the first part is the worst of all. Under what rule, law or logic they decide, that is their own lookout. So they club together like that. Why this principle of the Gruha Laxmi was specially created? To overcome that hatred, to subdue that icy stuff called hatred, to remove hatred from the minds of the people, this Gruha Laxmi principle was created. In the family when you have a housewife, the Gruha Laxmi principle has to subdue the hatred between the children, between the husband and the children. But if she herself enjoys her hatred then how can she subdue it? She is the source of that peace which subdues hatred. Now in India we have joint families, you too have relations like uncles, aunties, this that. But the housewife’s job is to smooth out all angularities of people which create friction. Now the man has to worship a house wife. It is said so, `Yatra Narya Pujyante, Tatra Ramante Devta’- wherever the housewife is respected, there only the Gods reside. In our country, I, must say credit must go to the housewives because we are no good for economics, no good for politics, administration. Hopeless. Men folk are useless, they do not know any house hold work or anything, women have kept it to themselves.

But our society is first class. It is maintained by the women of the house. So the man has to respect the housewife, that’s very important. If he does not respect his housewife, then there is no possibility of any Gruha Laxmi tatva being maintained. It’s like the preservation of that principle of a housewife, but some men, I mean many of them, think that it is their birth right to ill-treat their wives, to torture them, to say all kinds of things, to be angry, even if she is a good woman. But if she is a nagger, if she is a bhoot, then they are subdued completely, subdued by her. If the wife is a bhoot then husband always; sort of, tries to please her and be extremely kind to her. He knows she is a bhoot, after all, be careful. Don’t know what time the bhoot will come like a snake on you, and if she knows how to nag or to argue, then also they are afraid. There is no love. They have no love or respect for each other but they have an awe or fear and they are afraid of such a woman. Now some women think if they become flirtish then the husbands are better controlled. But there basic principle they lose, the basic shakti that they have, they lose and land up in difficulties.

So the basic principle of a Gruha Laxmi is to respect her chastity, to respect her chastity outside, inside. That is the steadiness of her. Of course most of the men take advantage of it. If the wife is docile or obedient, they make it a point that they just rule the wife left and right.

All right, but this woman, the housewife, has to know that she is not docile. She is obedient to her own righteousness, to her own virtues, to her own qualities. If the husband is stupid, alright, he is stupid like a child, finished. But the husband has to know that he must respect, otherwise he is a lost case. He is finished, he is good for nothing. First thing is that he must see that the woman in the household is respected as a Gruha Laxmi. Then the blessings flow. But in no way he should insult her or be unkind to her and raise his voice or say things to her. But the wife has to be the one who is to be respected. I have so many times said, your wife is dominating, give her two slaps on the face, of course. No doubt, she has not to be dominating, she has to remove the dominating forces of others. She is the source of peace, she is the source of joy and she is the peace maker. If she is the one who creates problems, then you can slap her nicely, bring her to her shape, it’s alright. So this Gruha Laxmi Tatva is mutual, it doesn’t depend only on the wife or husband but both of them. So once if you are making your wife suffer, your left Nabhi can never improve; or if you are a bad wife your left Nabhi cannot improve.

Now in the west the problem with women is this that they don’t realise as to what is their power. An eighty year old woman also would like to look like a bride. They do not feel their dignity and enjoy their dignity within themselves. They are the queen of the house but they want to behave like the cheapish, childish young frivolous girls. They do not feel the dignity of their being, they talk too much, they behave in a manner that, does not behove a housewife. Like they take out their hands, talk like the fisherwomen do, when they sell their fish to someone or when they have to fight or they shout sometimes. They shout also. I mean, I heard they shout and some times they beat their husband, that’s the limit. They start always comparing themselves with the husband to begin with. Like I am such a rich man’s daughter, I am from such and such family, my husband is from such a low family he has no money, nothing. He is not educated, so ill-treat him. Treat him in a manner that shows no respect. Such a woman will lose all her powers. Also in her own ways she will feel guilty. She will feel guilty, because first of all, no body has right to look down upon any one whatsoever in Sahaja Yoga specially. Then, to look down upon your husbands, is some thing unbelievable. He may not be a Sahaja Yogi. Alright..He may not be up to the point but by your behavior, by your strength, by everything you can save him. But why are you losing yourself by dominating others, by strangling others, by making your husband a very, sort of a, frog in the well telling him, oh, we both should enjoy. Lets have our house separately, nobody should come in the house. Even a rat won’t enter that house. Even to say, oh, these are my children, my husband, myself, is the negative of Sahaja Yoga. It’s the negative form of understanding. These are absolutely absurd things, they do not look like, of any Sahaja Yogi or any Sahaja Yogini. All this kind of selfishness, all this kind of seclusion is against Sahaja Yoga. But a thing of a house wife is, oh, now how much should I prepare, for example, there will be 50 persons coming. So the husband says but only 10 are coming. Why do you want to have for 50 persons? But may be they would like to eat more. But then why do you have 50 plates. May be they might bring there friends. So she thinks of her generosity. She enjoys her generosity. She enjoys her generosity. I have known many like that. Though they are not even Sahaja Yoginis. They will say will you come, sister in law, will you come for dinner. Oh, I am not coming, you cook too many things.

Not coming. No! No! I’ll cook very few things but please come. Then she just start thinking immediately. What vegetables are available in the market? What should I get, what is the best I mean. I am not their Guru, I am not their mother. I am just a relation, but they want to express their love through the food, they are the giver of food. They are the Annapurnas and this is the one quality — the generosity if the woman doesn’t have she is not a Sahaja Yogini, by any chance. Take it from me. Husband may be a little miserly, doesn’t matter. But the wife has to be very generous and sometimes, she secretly gives money, not to her own children but to others. Such beautiful women have to be there in Sahaja Yoga. But I feel so sorry, sometimes the attack comes from the women of Sahaja Yoga, not from the men, on me. I am a woman myself I feel shocked that women should attack me like this, for what.

In Sahaja Yoga there is no domination of any kind but all these so called ideas of servility or domination comes from the false ideas you have, about your own dignity, about your own understanding, you are not aware of yourself. You do not know that you are the Queen, nobody can dominate you. Who can dominate the lady, who rules the house hold. If supposing the husband says, I don’t like this color, alright, leave it for a while. Then somebody will come and say what a nice color. He says, ah, such a nice color, oh, don’t change it. The women must understand the men. They have big eyes. They are not microscopic. They see everything in a big way, you see. So today they will say something, tomorrow they will forget about it and they don’t have microscopic eyes. They are too above these things. They are above these things. You must understand that. But if he sits on the horse, I must also sit on the horse and fall down. If he goes for sking I’ll also go for skiing. If he develops his muscles I’ll also develop my muscles. It is coming to that point. I mean women start looking like nothing on earth. You don’t know what sort of women these are with big-big muscles without any mustaches. So this kind of stupid ideas we have. But there is no subordination of any kind. You are subordinated to your own dignity, to your own chastity, to your own sense of honor and above all to your righteousness because you are in charge of that. The man who is in charge, has to look after that side. How many quarrels you create. How can you be quarrelsome when you are supposed to become the peacemaker. Supposing we send two peacemakers to some country to make peace and they cut each other’s throat, what will you say to such a thing.

You are the one who has to smooth down every thing, you are the one who has to bring such expression of love, such sweet things, that the family itself feels rested in you, secured in you because you are the mother. The family must feel secured with in you and this love is your power. This is your power that you can give, live and giving love you will find, you will always enrich yourself. I mean imagine what presents I give compared to what I get. I don’t know I’ll have to build another house. I am telling them don’t give me individual present: I will not take any individual presents. Now still despite that. I don’t know, just with love if I get something with care, that love, you know, itself manifests and comes back to you like a poetry. You are some times surprised. I’ll give you one simple example of my own life which will tell you how love can work it out. I was a housewife to begin with and to end with, I think. And once I was in Delhi, my daughter was to be born. So I was knitting something for her, sitting outside in the lawn, when three persons walked into the house, one lady and two men and they came and said, see now we are… I am a, housewife and these two are, one is my husband and he is the friend of my husband and he is a Muslim, and we have come to you for shelter because we are refugees. I looked at them. They looked very good to me, they were quite all right. I said, alright you please settle down in my house. So I gave them the outside room which had a kitchen and a bathroom, and for the gentleman, I said, there is another spare room, you can stay there, and husband wife can stay here. In the evening my brother came in. He started shouting at the top of his voice. He said what is this. You don’t know these people. They may be thieves, they may do this, and then my husband came in and joined him because you see they were friends. So he told, all men just the same, you see, so he said, you see, she doesn’t understand she has kept these three persons here. God knows, what they are, saying refugees, this thing. She doesn’t know, he is a Muslim, he is a Hindu. God knows, she has two husbands, one husband, like that. All kind of things. Next morning they forgot about that. I said all right. Let them be there for one night. Is alright? I can’t drag them out today, one night. Next morning they forgot that they where living there. That’s like men. First day, such a blasting, such a blasting, I said all right, one night. Now don’t shout. They will feel hurt. Next morning they went away for their work. They had no time. It was, you see, only on a week day they become active in the household, otherwise they are inactive. So they went away. It so happened that these people stayed with me for one month. Then this lady got a job and she went away with her husband and this Muslim. But in the meanwhile there was a big riot in Delhi, very big riot because many Hindus and Sikh people were killed in Punjab. It had a reflection in Delhi and they started killing all the Muslims there. So, three four Sikh people and one or two Hindus came to my house and they said, we are told that you have a Muslim staying with you. I said, no. How can I have.

They said, there is a Muslim and we have to kill him. I said see I am wearing such a big. Can you believe it that I could have a Muslim in the house. They thought I must be a real Hindu fanatic, you see. So they believed me. I said, see now, if you have to go in my house, you will go on my dead body. I will not allow you. So they felt quite frightened. They went away. So this fellow heard my things and he came and he said, I am surprised. How did you risk your life. I said, there is nothing. His life was saved. Now this gentleman, this Muslim gentleman, became a great poet called Sahir Ludhianvi, and this lady became a great actress ….. the one who used to act as a mother, Achla Sachdeva. I knew it, that they had become one day and all that. But I didn’t tell anybody about it. I said now supposing they come to know, I am in Bombay, they will just go mad about me, and I said I have no time for all that.

So, we started a film center for the young people, to give them, some good films. But it all made into a farce, later on. They never listen to me, but whatever it is. So they said, we should get this Achala Sachdeva to act as a mother. I said all right but don’t tell her I have said, I have anything to do with it. So years had passed, about I think 12 years or so. So they went and told her. So she was fusing like an actress. No, no — how much are you going to pay me? I cannot act free. So everybody will ask for free. Then how can I give you free. You will have to give me Sari. You’ll have to give so much money. This thing. They said alright come to the Mahurat at least. Come to the mahurat, the beginning. Mahurat is the one where you start it. So she came and I was there. She looked at me and just she couldn’t believe that she is seeing me after 12 years. The tears starting rolling from her eyes, absolutely. She couldn’t say anything, just she came and fell into my arms and she said where were you lost all these days. I have been trying to trace you and she started describing me and all.

Then Sahir Ludhianvi was there and he said, how this Lady is here. They said, it is Her work. Oh God, why didn’t you tell us, you see, we’ll give our lives for Her and they were all amazed, how they were changed. No money, nothing, I am going to give money for this project. Nothing doing. See now, I was a housewife just an ordinary house wife. I didn’t have so many rights on my husband’s property, on anything, and my brother another dominating fellow, both of them put together, just were about to kill me that night, with their temper and anger. I soothed them down and then you know when I told my husband and my brother, they were amazed. I said, they are the ones who have become like this and see the change, how much they have changed, and they said, No more, we are going to say no to any charitable institution. This is the last mistake we have committed and the whole idea of a earning and money just dropped down and she has acted in many films for charity and this Ludhianvi also wrote many things for charity. So a woman can make a man a charitable personality because she herself is charitable. She is an artist and she can create beauty around her, in her household, in her family, in her society. Everywhere. But no, women want to fight like men. They will have associations. They will have unions to fight for their rights. I agree that some of the men have been extremely cruel. Some of the laws have been extremely cruel. This thing, that thing and that they have to be told. But this is not the way. There is another way of improving these men, who try to destroy the women, because women have one very great quality that Ganas are with them and Shree Ganapati is with them. He will never side with men if they are chaste and do not try to show off their body and show off their beauty and want to make sort of a capital out of it. Such women are extremely powerful, extremely powerful and they show their valour when it comes to anything like we had Jhansi ki Rani. She was an ordinary housewife. She fought the British, and the British also were surprised at her valour and they said that we had got Jhansi, alright, but the glory goes to the Queen of Jhansi. Like that we had many, Noorjahan we had, we had Ahilya Bai.

We had many great women in India because of these institutions. Padmini we had, Chand Bibi, there are so many women we can mention who were great women, who were housewives. So the woman’s qualities are like the potential of the mother earth or potential of any energy, like electricity has its potential somewhere else. You see the lights here, makes no difference; one light or two lights. But the potential is important. So one has to understand that we are potential and to preserve our potential we must have the sense of dignity, honor and righteousness within ourselves. Now men must respect their women who are like this. But men are another stupid stuff because they will not respect a woman who loves them, who is chaste, who is good, who wants them to become collective, who wants them to give, who be charitable, who wants that Sahaja Yoga should be promoted and the one who wants that her husband should be happy and joyous and that he should come to Sahaja Yoga as well. Instead of that they run after some funny, stupid women. What is there to be so attractive towards bhootish women, must be some bhoots in them, I don’t know, that the way they get attracted. As a result of all this misbehavior of men, women become very insecure and they get insecured. As a results, the man suffer and women suffer. A man who neglects his wife, and treats like that, will consequently get blood cancer.

And the woman who behaves like this, in this manner and if she ill-treats her husband, will get asthma or a very serious type of cirrhosis, could be brain damage, could be paralysis, could be complete dehydration of the body because left nabhi is so important. If the left nabhi is made hectic, as you know by your running about and by jumping about and by being hectic, then left nabhi becomes hectic and you develop blood cancer. I have always seen that the women who are thin, their husbands as jittery, why? Because the wife is all the time making him run up and down. Do this, do that, you didn’t bring this thing for me. I had asked you to bring the Coca Cola you didn’t bring, you didn’t do that, as if he is the sinner all the time. And the man becomes Jumpy all the time, Jumpy. He gets something for the jumping and she gets something for her torturing. There is no love, there is no joy, there is no happiness. This so called figure madness, which is now subsiding. Thank God. It’s coming from America. This figure madness makes you funny.

Women have to be settled down women. They have to be Grahasthis, that is, one who settles in the household, said to be satisfied within the household. If she is all the time running about, she doesn’t want to stay in the house then she is not the housewife, but she is a maid servant. There is a saying that there was a lady who was a maid servant, and then she was made a housewife but she couldn’t stop her running about because she was a maid servant. She doesn’t settle in the household. Now for whom is the household, is not only for herself, No, not for her husband, No, not for her children but for others to welcome.

Like this Mother Earth has spread all these beautiful things for you, to come and sit and enjoy. But there is a very common thing, also that in Sahaja Yoga, we find that people, after marriage become absolutely engrossed into each other and lose Sahaja Yoga. Then their children suffer. Their children become fussy, funny and disobedient, tortuous. They have some physical problems also. Its a punishment. Not that I punish this but it is your own nature that punishes. Supposing you put your hand in the fire, it will burn. I mean who is punishing. You are punishing yourself. Then children become funny. Just for your family, just for your food, just for your house hold, this selfishness, if it crawls up into man, then God save that family. If its a woman, its all right, at least a little bit but if the man is a gone case, that I should have a house, I should have a job, I should look after my children, its for my family. Our family is not of one man one woman but the whole universe is our family.

We are not on our own, and if you become arbitrary, and if you become secluded, I must tell you one thing and warn you today that those people who will try to seclude themselves, a day will come, when they will have horried diseases on them; don’t blame Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga has it’s own beautiful realm of God’s kingdom. But in the God’s kingdom, you have to be collective. But a bad wife can create problems. She will form a group of people, group of women. She will go on rolling down with her bhoots to everyone or may be she is very conscious of her education or of her position or of her money and all that. Then also she will try to keep the husband aloof. Such people have to pay for what they have done not because it is a punishment for them. So Grahalaxmi tatva in Sahaja Yoga is very important. Those people who have got problems after coming to Sahaja Yoga, most of them have neglected their Grahalaxmi principle because grahalaxmi if it goes out, then center heart catches. Those women who have tried such tricks, should give up immediately because this is very indignified; nobody respects such a woman. It’s a very true with the leaders’ wives and the leaders. The leader’s wife or the leadership is a minimal of a minimal of a minimal of a so called position; most insignificant. What you got is much higher than this. If you ask a saint to become a king. He will say, What? you want to put the ocean into a cup? Is the minimal of minimal. Is the lowest of lowest.

Those who think their life is service are another stupid people. Their life is enjoyment, not service. But that service itself is enjoyment. But if you just keep to service. Oh, I am sacrificing, this is my tapasya, finished. Then you end up like a tapasvi, like a bean stalk thing, which can be used for a cross. So, in Sahaja Yoga it is enjoyment but unless and until you have that essence of enjoyment into every thing, it cannot be an enjoyment. If you take out the essence from the cane sugar or what you call the sugar cane bamboo, then what is left? In the same way, all the so called service and tapasya and all that has not sweetness; finished. All this is sweetness and that is generated by women. But they are very strict. Don’t spoil this. Keep this nice, keep that nice. The husband comes home like as if he is a criminal. He has to be like a bull in a china shop. He has to be. It’s a good thing in a way. Is nice, how he doesn’t know anything; is eyen better for you. But to make him all the time slave, do this, you didn’t do this for me, do that for me, is not the job of a housewife.

Her job is like the Mother Earth. Does She complain? Nothing. She gives you everything. So much is the sustenance in her. So much the dignity. Such powers She has. What does She care for anybody giving her any thing. You will be amazed if I tell you today, till today, till yesterday, I never asked my husband to buy me anything. For the first time I asked him to buy me a camera, and you see the result, in the evening what he said. Least expected. Never in life-time. He used to say, tell me what you want. First time, I said something and see the effect because I have never said him. So such a woman has to be self-satisfied, satisfied in her self because she has to give. The person who has to give, how can she demand. She has to give love because she is love. She has to give all the services. She has to give all the possessions, she has to sooth down. What a responsibility, I tell you, what a responsibility. More than a Prime Minister, more than any king or any one, is the responsibility of a woman, and she should feel proud of it, that such a responsibility has come to me. A housewife has much more responsibility than a leader of Sahaja Yoga. But the wives of leaders can be horrid because they think they have become leaders. This is the minimal of minimum. I mean its like, I said, the ocean coming into a little cup. And their behaviour becomes so funny and absurd, I am surprised.

I was married in a family where we had 100 people living together and each one of them adores me. If I go somewhere in Lucknow, all of them will come from all over to see me but my husband goes, nobody comes to see him. He always complains. He is the relation, and I am not the relation, and they come and see me, not him. If I had not given them love, if I had not given them whatever they wanted they would have not come to me. So they are the preservers, preservers of others. They don’t have to preserve things for themselves. We have many stupid women with us, I tell you, many stupid women. We call them Buddhu in Hindi language. The Buddhus, because they don’t know what power they have got. They don’t know what responsibility they have. I am an example before them and this is the very big problem with me that practically I think 60% leaders have horrible wives. I must say, horrible, and Sahaja Yoga goes `dhup’ like that with them. They can’t live in an ashram. The will have their food. The husband must see that they had their food. It is they who have to feed everyone. Everybody has to be looked after and at the end they should eat. Everybody must get a bed. They must see everybody is sleeping now. They must cover all the children. Then they must sleep. But No, they sit down, they become mini Mataji or greater than Mataji. Get me this thing, get me that, just do that, do this. They don’t know how to cook, most of them.

Every wife of a leader has to cook and learn cooking. It is compulsory now. They have to cook and with heart. They should be able to cook and give with love to others. That’s the minimum of Annapurnas, and the husband shouldn’t find faults with them. In the beginning they might make mistakes, encourage them. Encourage their qualities, encourage their goodness; encourage their niceness. Also I have seen, some very good ladies who were taking very active life in Sahaja Yoga.

After marriage they are lost. Husbands are also supposed to be Sahaja Yogis; lost. Some times they appear, some times if I am there they come, otherwise they are not there. Today I was asking Arnold, he told me so many of them are like that here. That means there is something wrong with the husbands because before marriage they were better. So how much it is important, a Graha Laxmi Principle with in us, for us to be together, to us to grow together. To feel the togetherness. All the time, the oneness that is within us. So yesterday, as I told you that I’ll tell you the Ragas we have. Ra is energy. Ga is in Sanskrit language means which penetrates, which moves into everything, it is the ethereal qualities. You put anything into ether, you can receive it anywhere. So the Raga, is the energy which goes into ether and touches your spirit. That is the Raga and these Ragas, I would say are something like a housewife. Supposing if you stand with a military band you will be fed up, left right, left right, left right. But a beautiful melody that’s a melodious thing and this melody itself is suggestive of a beauty.

The way the housewife decorates the house. She smoothes down every one, makes them feel happy. Then she is looking after everyone. Everybody knows she is standing there. Imagine, like a modern style would be, you call some people for birthday cake of your child and you cut the cake first because you are the housewife. How will it look? It is that ridiculous, I tell you. The way the house wife always puts forward before everybody else. They have to be on the back because you have to look after. Look after all of them, and this is what a Raga is. It caters to all your angularities. Supposing a person is very upset and worried, comes from office, puts on a Raga. Soothes-you down. It makes you settle down like people come home for five days, live like I don’t know, what to call, not even hotels, and live in a tent like thing and the sixth day they are out at the sea or they go and stay in a hotel. Nobody wants to stay in the house because there is no Graha Laxmi Principle between the two. But Raga needs sitting down, settling down. Unless and until you settle down, you cannot enjoy Raga. Imagine somebody listening to a raga when he is a jumpy.

So, one has to settle down and that settling down is what is the work of a woman who is a housewife, and the man has to act, is to settle down. As I have told you many a times how your left nabhi goes out in modern times, much more, and many children are also born of the women who are hectic. Normally in India before, you see, the husband used to get up, have his bath, all the time his wife is not with him. She is cooking for him. She is looking after his children. All the time sticking on to husband also is a sign of boredom. Husband gets bored, wife gets bored. Then they have a divorce. So she must have other interests like looking after the children, house hold, Sahaja Yoga, things like that. Then he comes from the bath, he sits on the ground, in India. Now we are sitting on the tables, all right, at least sit on the tables, not on the table, but on the chair. Then she doesn’t tell him at this time why did you do like this or this lady was quarrelling or I met another lady she was telling me you were this and you were that. No, she said let him eat his food. That’s why in India if husband has to show his temper he doesn’t eat his food in the house or he will wash his underclothes himself. That is how, they show their temper.

So then she fans the husband slowly and tells him good things, you see, today you know-why, my son got up and he said I love my father very much. He said! Really! Yes, yes. He said, he said so, and husband knows she is telling lies also, but you see all nice things. You see, and I think your mother is much better now. I think I’ll go and look after your mother, and your sister is coming. So I think you are buying a Sari for her. All such nice — nice thing she will talk to him. So he eats his food nicely then he goes washes his hands and goes in a bullock cart, not in a car where there is a jam, always. Alright, now the bullock cart is over, the fan is over. You have to be very fast. Life is fast now. In this fast thing, as I have told you, that on the periphery of the wheel you have the speed but at the axis it is not. So the Sahaja Yogis have to be at the axis, and so the husband and the wife, the left and the right side of a chariot have to be on the axis and the left is left and the right is right. Now the women always take more time to get ready. Not me. I take less then my husband, much less than him. So, that is their habit. Forget it. Now women have their own habits. They are women. Women will remain women, men will remain men. Man must see their watches ten times. Women might see it once or may be their watches are lost or out of order if they are real women. They are not jumpy like men, they are different. But they are women and you are men, and God has made men and women. If it was to make a unisex, He would have made unisex, He did not.

So one must accept the sex is which you are born, with grace and beauty and dignity. Both. In India we have this thing like, you know, I was married in a family, very orthodox where they used to even cover the face and all that. So one day the collector who is the friend of my husband, so, he told my elder brother-in law why not the wife of my friend come and see me. So he said, of course, of course. So just to make it easy for him he took leave from his office and disappeared into another town and told his wife that see. She goes and sees the collector. See how beautiful it was, how beautiful it was, and I never felt that he was dominating me because after all that was the system of that tamily, alright, its alright. But for this what you need is pure intelligence. If the husband is a dullard he will bring down his wife If the wife is a dullard she will bring down her husband. If the woman is very smart, talks well and you know she knows how to talk and impress people; doesn’t mean that she is very intelligent. I call that person the most intelligent who sees the benevolence, the ascent and the ultimate goal. That person is the most sensitive, is the most intelligent. All other intelligence is useless. Now, on this subject I think I can write a book, so, it is better leave it to the book, and today let us have the puja.

May God Bless You.


Any questions?... This means, I’ll be spending some money? I don’t know, there’s no chance. I don’t know where I will spend. I love to spend, I mean, every body should love to spend. That’s why the money is for. Must give to others, you see. Why the matter is there? Matter is to give to others. Just enjoy giving others. So enjoyable, to give something to others.

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