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Vishuddhi chakra — 1983 |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

New Delhi, India
February 2, 1983

The prophets are born and create a ripple in our consciousness, a new dimension to our understanding to religion, dharma; which has to be assimilated and has to be understood that, whatever the previous prophets have said, has to be culminated into something else. So as we can say Mohammed Sahib has said that all these prophets who have come on this earth have created a new ripple and also has sustained human beings with a newer evolution, a newer [of the meaning? — inaudible]. The idea of human beings of newness is that we have to give up all that is old and we have to become new. Or they think that newness means absolutely a juxtaposition condition in which one has to rise and this is the cause of the folly of many people in the West as well as in the East. Whenever a new theme started, like we can say that first of all a great saint came on this earth and he found that the people are following the idol worship in a very wrong way, because it is said in the bible that whatever is created by mother earth should be, should not be reproduced and worshipped. So they created another extreme religion out of it saying that nothing should be worshipped, but it is said whatever is reproduced by the mother earth.

So there are so many such things all over the world which are created by the mother earth. So they should not be worshipped by reproducing them and making images out of them. When such a prophet died saying that, ‛This should not be done, one should not worship images“, the other side of it started, the extreme, going to the extreme that there should be no worship even if the mother earth has created. So all the human beings were divided into extreme conditions. One situation comes in where one has to say that, ‛This should not be done.“ So people take up that theme and just start building up onto that and saying that: ‛this should not be done as told by the prophet.“ Of course after the death of the prophet; when the prophet is living nobody listens to him. They all torture him, bother him, do all kinds of things and ultimately they may even kill him. Then another point is: every prophet is born at a different period of time so depending on the time when he is born he talks of a particular problem. Say when Mohammed was born. Mohammed Sahib said very clearly that, ‛You should not drink.“ So people said that, ‛All right, we will not drink, but we can smoke.“ So he had to rectify himself. He’d said: ‘I am the last who has come.’ but he found that it is not so. So he came back again as Nanaka to tell people that: ‘do not smoke also’. Like that the persons or the group of persons who follow one incarnation go to another extreme and try to push down all the traditions, all that has come so far built up. Like cutting the whole tree and start their own tree. Which is artificial. Then the quarrel started when Mohammed Sahib was driven to another level and then Nanaka’s disciples were driven to another level, where they just thought they have no relationship with each other. Which is not truth.

Afterwards also you know so many such things have happened in this world we can see that any revival starts, people go to the extreme of it and get completely ruined.

In Christianity you will find the same thing happened, when Christ came in, whatever problems He faced He talked about them. But the main thing He had to talk about the resurrection, about the ascent and He talked about the ascent. He talked about the spirit and in His resurrection He showed that He ascended. But people did not stick to that point. They never thought that you have to ascend in Christianity. Nobody bothered that you have to ascend. They took a small little things from somewhere. Also a person came later on called saint Paul who was not at all with Christ or anything. He started a religion of Christianity which was all absurd, against Christ, anti-Christ.

None of these prophets have discarded any prophet who came before them. Now the problem came in that one has to integrate and Mohammed Sahib knew that a day will come when this integration problem will start and he talked a lot about Sahaja Yoga in the sense he said when the resurrection time will come. He talked more about resurrection than about doom time, most surprising thing is. About Kyama he spoke very little. He spoke really about the resurrection time, because that was the problem. The problem that they face they talk about. I’ve told you how Buddha talked only about Atma Sakshatkar and not about God because those people who went to God, or thought of God, or just studied God thought they will be gods themselves. So he said, ‛You must get your self realization.“ Then Mahavira who talked about the hell where people can go, because that was his job, the part of it and the part of it and the part of it and the part of it. These are the different aspects of human beings which they had to awaken. Different aspects.

When Mohammed Sahib started teaching people to do Namas people used to laugh at him. What is he doing? Why does he want us to put hands like this? Why does he want us to sit down or put our hands on the knees? Now you understand as Sahaja Yogis what it means that he wanted us to improve our nabhis first, our dharma first. All this movement was to jerk out the Kundalini, but without realization being there Namas would not work out. You may break your knees you may do what you like. But the extremes people catch hold of it and not the reality. And they make a fuss out of it and they make create a big organizations and things and that’s how it is spoiled. So when he said that Allah ho Akbar is to be said with your fingers in your ears you all say that isn’t it? All the Sahaja Yogis say with this finger in their ears Allah ho Akbar? Because you know this is the finger that represents the vishuddi and the vishuddi chakras’ deity Shri Krishna becomes the Virata with Akbar. So when you say about Akbar you have to put your fingers into your ears and you have to say Allah ho Akbar.

Whole relationship and everything was never understood. For Indians Shri Krishna was their Omkara. For western people Christ was their Omkara. For other people of Arabistan Mohammed was their Omkara. How can that be? They are all related to each other. So how to related to each other is a problem of Sahaja Yoga. When they come from different communities and different fixed ideas it’s impossible to stir them and tell them that, ‛You are all one.“ We talk of Hindu Muslim unity for example. Mohammed Sahib didn’t know there were problems like that but Nanaka did say we have come to do Hindu Muslim unity. But in the outside if you do the Hindu Muslim unity or any unity, it doesn’t work out. It doesn’t work out in the outside relationship. Even your brother may not be your own brother, if it is working outside. But if the spirit is awakened within you, then spirit is the one which is the connection with the whole with the Virata. With the Akbar. When Akbar is to be felt you have to have your realization otherwise you are just talking in the air. You don’t know who is this Akbar.

You have to get connected to that Virata and that Virata is the Primordial Being. We are actually not integrated at all because we have different incarnations. Even if you are not absolutely atheist, even if you don’t say that you do not believe in God or believe in something else which is anti-God. Even if you believe in God, you believe in God in fragmentations, in His different aspects, but you don’t see Him in collectivity. You have to see that He is one God. Everybody says He is one God. Of course He is one God. I am one person but I am also a housewife, I have to do some work for My household. I am also a sister of somebody. I am also your Mother and Mother of My own children and also a grandmother. So I have so many various aspects of My work which I do. One person has to do it. When we talk of God as One we think He is Rock of Gibraltar; just one piece. Even Rock of Gibraltar if you go and see it is not one piece. Anything in this world you cannot say is one piece. It has to be a compound or a mixture of something. Then how can God be just one piece hanging in the air like one, God is One, so we’ll not have any other aspect of God. God has many aspects, which one has to understand. So there are two concepts which work out in this world I feel. One is that they believe that there is only one God and there cannot be many aspects of God. Which is wrong. Christ has said: ‘those who are not against Me are with Me.’ So this kind of a mental conception about God, that He is just like Rock of Gibraltar. See now this pendal you have done it – there are so many lights, they are all giving one light to all of us. They are not giving separate lights, are they? How are they fighting with each other? What is the fight going on? They are adding to the same light. This is one pendal but we have so many lights. We cannot do with one light.

At different periods a person has to be born. Every period a person had to be born to enlighten one aspect of human awareness and consciousness. Variety has to be there because human beings are varied. And the variety is that supposing you are supporting somebody’s right sidedness then there should be somebody who will come and support the left sidedness. And it is all done so well within us but it is only human beings in their obstinacy and in their ignorance cannot see it. We all are made the same way if you see in the whole world. Of course there is variety in appearances. Maybe an Indian looks like an Indian and — but in India only you can see Indians have so many different faces. You can find all colors and all kinds of things on their faces. In India is the only place where you find all kinds of people. You can have people like Russians, you can have people like Japanese, Chinese, you can have people like Africans. All kinds of people are in this country to show that all people can be called as one race as Indians.

Now it is not always ignorance that makes people forget that we are all one. Every human being laughs the same way. Does he laugh in a different way? If he has to eat the food he masticates the same way. He cries the same way. When he cries his crying is the same. His actions are the same way. If a woman is angry with her husband…yesterday I saw [ name????’s ] program with My brother and I was amazed how universal we are in our expressions. He was showing how a woman gets angry with the husband and how she behaves. If you see those actions which are depicted you’ll be amazed that they are done by all the women all over the world. And the reaction of man if you want to see all the men act in the same way.

My husband was secretary to Shastriji, you know that and he went with Lal Bahadur Shastri to Tashkent at his last time, but also he went once to Yugoslavia and there Aside: (who was General Tito was where? Yugoslav)

And General Tito’s wife, you see, got very friendly with Mrs. Shastri. Both were very friendly. So Shastriji warned his wife: ‘See now! You are great friends and now don’t start crying like an Indian woman when you leave.’ So poor thing was controlling her tears all the time. But she told Me: ‘I was controlling but it is she who started crying and such a lot. And then she started crying loudly, hugging me. So I just could not control myself. I also gave in. I also started crying. And both the husbands started looking at the ground.’ (Laughter)

So basically all the women, all the men in the whole world react the same way to a situation. And you can see their reactions very clearly when it comes to children. They all act in the same way, act in the same manner. Supposing they hear that two children are caught up in the air somewhere or something is happening to them. The whole world will be worried about how they are going to be saved. Something must be done to save them. The whole world will be praying to God: ‘Oh God please save these two children are caught up there somehow or other.’ Everybody will be worried as if their own child is there. Even when it comes to death I have seen that. When there was a air space — the space craft was going to land and people were worried that they may be lost, I know in every masjid, in every temple, in every church and everywhere. They were Americans; nobody thought of Americans, what religion, anything. To them it was a part of human beings, you see. The human bondage started acting. That time they never thought what country they were, what Americans have done to Indians, nothing of the kind. They just thought: ‘Oh God! These people are, oh God please save them.’ Everybody prayed to them — prayed to God and prayed for them that they should be saved. That time what had happened to us? How did we forget? We touched the reality at that time and that is what it is. Anybody who tries. These Jews when they were troubled by Hitler, everybody’s sympathies were with them. But when these Jews started troubling the Muslims there everybody’s sympathies were with Muslims. Then why don’t you think all religions? Even the Jews had sympathies with Muslims. Then we don’t think what differences we have with them. None of them none of the people I heard said: ‘all right they are punished.’ Or, ‘It’s all right.’ Not even Jews. So the part that is within us which is human becomes absolutely troubled when we see some other human being is tortured. Of course by with these horrible ideas of fanaticism or maybe fear or maybe aggressiveness or whatever it is, we may try to be cruel. If you ask the people of Germany how do they feel about the massacre, they just put down their heads. They said: ‘we don’t know. We were not ourselves. How we did it we don’t know. How it happened we just don’t know how it worked out.’ So when the violence is over you just start feeling: ‘Oh God, I am a human being, they were human beings.’ So this oneness comes in, the feeling the awareness comes in. It is not so in the animals so much. If they have to work, if they are to be active, they will be together but if something dies they are not bothered. Even if a child say of a monkey is sick the mother will be worried. She’ll be screaming, shouting, but if the thing is dead she will just throw away the child on one side and get up. It’s only the human beings who can feel that oneness.

So our awareness… this was given to us by Shri Krishna’s advent. He gave us this awareness of human, or He keeps that awareness within us. We have to accept Him as a person who gives us this awareness of human relationship.

And whenever there has been problem like somebody told Me that in [Somnat?] people believe that Shri Krishna came as [Mohammed Kuzni?] to give lessons. So many Hindus believe it was Shri Krishna who came as [Mohammed Kuzni?] to give a lesson to these horrible Brahmins who were making money out of that temple. So many Hindus believe that; that to punish these horrible Brahmins who were making money He had to come as [Mohammed Kuzni?] to break that idol which was giving them so much money and they were making all kinds of, you can say extractions, from the poor devotees who were devoted to that temple. It was only He could do it.

So we have to understand that when we are not integrated we cannot feel the integration of our being. We are not integrated, that we have to realize. Our mind works in one way, our heart works in another way, our liver works in another way. As I told you I am quite surprised that when they have told that: ‘don’t drink’, those people who follow these religions still go on drinking. But apart from that religion forget it. They see a man going into a pub and falling and faltering coming out, still they enter into the same to get to the same situation. Why? Because the mind tells them not to do it. Mind says: ‘don’t go.’ The brain says: ‘don’t go.’ But their heart is weak. They cannot. The habits. All the habits come through this kind of disintegration. We are so disintegrated within ourselves, that if a person wants to do something he just does the opposite of it and that is the reason why we accept these kind of juxtapositions in life, what was told by Him about music and about everything. Music has come out of God’s love to us. Anything that is not for God’s love is not music.

I will give you an example. There was a lady who used to do some sort of a kawali and I was on the censor board. I censored her kawalis and I said: ‘this is not a kawali.’ She said: ‘why?’ I said: ‘this is called as [Mujarat?] This is horribly sensuous and horrible thing. It’s an insult of God. You can’t sing like that.’ So she said: ‘no, this is kawali.’ I said: ‘do you know kawali was never sung by women and was never done in this dirty fashion the way like a prostitute you are singing this kawali?’ It’s always all the music was in the praise of God. And that’s why Mohammed Sahib said that all the music should be in the praise of God and should not be. So we had other things like [Nath?] and all that. But you find even at the time of Shri Krishna all the music was to be just done for [Ra-s?]. Ra. Ra is ‘energy’. [S?] means [Same?] With Radha they were playing together, playing Rasa and that’s how they were doing the circulation of the energy to integrate themselves and singing the music. It is for that. But you find that people don’t understand. They use music for sensuousness. Is anti-God. This music force has come to us to praise God that’s all. For nothing else. For doing all kinds of dirty things and singing all kinds of funny things. Imagine. And the reaction is built in so much. When He said that all the music should be in the name of God, we have a person like [???]… who would not take to any music. He was such a staunchy fellow and the other Muslims who came in would not sing anything that is kawali or anything, would sing horrible gazals which are just describing the separation of a woman and a man and all kinds of dirty things. With this disintegrated temperaments people took to anything that came to them just to please themselves. When the advent of this thing like Omarkhyam. Who is he? He’s anti-God absolutely anti-God man. Horrible. But people appreciate him very much, Omarkhyam what a poetry it is. They appreciate – why? Because the disintegrated part of their heart likes Omarkhyam when he sings: ‘Oh we should drink here. What is there in this life? We don’t know what is going to be there.’ Because Mohammed Sahib has said not to drink, he must sing such a song. This is the poetry of Mr. Omarkhyam, who is being very much respected everywhere. And he’s very much regarded as a great poet in Iraq where today Khomeini is one great horrible man is born and he still respects this Omarkhyam; I don’t know how can he respect him. What a contrast it is, just see, what a contrast this Omarkhyam singing dirty songs. They are not in praise of God. Music which is not in the praise of God is not music. Is [Ashleed?]. Is filth. Is dirt.

Our classical music in India was based on AUM. Even at Kundalini when it reaches here at the vishuddhi chakra it makes all the sounds: (Shri Mataji here creates the sixteen vowel sounds – I apologize for not being able to catch the right sequence of the vowels with my ears! the following are copied from the Internet: Am, Aam, Em, Eem, Um, Oom, Rim, Reem, Lrim, Lreem, Aye, Ayee, Ao, Aou, Ang, Ah)

Shri Mataji: All these sixteen vowels are coming from the sixteen chakras or the sub-chakras or the petals of this vishuddhi chakra. These are Bija mantras of the vishuddhi chakra. All the vowels come from here and when we sing dirty songs we spoil this chakra vishuddhi. That’s why all the people who sing these dirty songs have to take to drinking, because I think they can’t bear, or they can’t do it, they can’t sing these bad songs unless and until they take to some sort of an escape from God. So music and drinking started going hand in hand. In the West the music broke all its traditions because they had no sense left in them to recognize that music is meant only for God. Only for hymns to be sung in the praise of God. All music should be in the praise of God. All ragas should be in the praise of God.

We had no Namas (?) system of different times, but we have a system of music in different times. At different time a certain music should be played where you describe a mood. And all the moods that are described have to relate themselves to God. There is no other mood that is enjoyable to the spirit that does not relate to God. There’s no mood which one can enjoy. Even Bhivatsa the mood of Bhivatsa is grotesque. Even that mood one enjoyed, one can listen to when they see the filth and dirt. The left side. Is so scientific. Our music system is extremely scientific, because it was taken in the form of this music with actually the Kundalini moving into different these Sapta Swaras. These seven Swaras are built in our seven chakras: Sa, Re, Ga, Ma – Mother, Pa, Dha, Ni.

My name also starts with Ni. These seven Swaras are built in with seven notes and there are [Vrikrutis. Vrikrut Swaras?] which are the side other what-you-call chakras that we have to make about twelve Swaras. But nobody understood the real meaning of music. [Sharada?] the Goddess of Saraswati is the one who carries the message of Virata within and tells us how to sing. She tells us what is appealing to God. How these ragas were made also just think of it. Because first they chose the notes the [Arrona?] of [Rohas?] the going up and down, which was appealing to God. So the melodies were created. Melodies are fixed. You cannot change the melodies the notes, because they found out that at this point the spirit awakened. On the vibrations they found out. They found out that when they sang this way it did — worked out. The Veena they played and they found out the exact Swaras. Exact Swaras which would really make you feel nice. Now you know that those people who are from — have come from the West don’t understand any Indian music on the mental level. But they understand at the spiritual level because their spirits get filled with joy and the vibration starts flowing. The sense of music — this depiction of music was done by Shri Krishna. It is He the One who taught Tala. Of course we can say that Shiva is the One who dances the Tala, but the One who depicted it for human beings who gave the message to the world how the Tala should be, is Shri Krishna through His dancing movements. He kept the Tala all the time, like the way He stands itself suggests how He kept the Tala. And He played the [Mudlhi?] also to suggest that music is what God’s love is. His music is suggesting of God’s love. That soothes you. That clears you. That makes you happy. That gives you joy. And that’s why He suggested through His singing, through His music. He never wrote any poetry did He? He never wrote any poetry as such, but when He spoke, when He spoke in [Gudria?] in the prose it became Gita. Just when He spoke it became Gita. Of course people have tried to spoil quite a lot of it — the rhythm, which I feel sometimes when people recite it, but still we must say when He really created it, it was for human beings to create poetry out of prose. Out of prose. He made it communicable. Because people could first only understand the music, the rhythm of the music. They didn’t understand much words and things but He made it possible.

Even in Koran, if you read, the few words before starting every chapter nobody understands. They are all nothing but mantra bijas; but they put it there. They knew people won’t understand, but He put it there because people would understand.

All these things you may not understand. You may not understand Me either, possibly, but whatever they did was for your [Heetha / Hitha?]. This is what happened, at the time of Shri Krishna that He established the concept of [Heeth?], because it was said that you must speak the truth and you must speak the thing that is sweet, Pria. … [Sanskrit Words]

It was the message of Shri Krishna that you must speak sweetly. Those people who have got a proper vishuddhi chakra speak very sweetly. Their voice has that enchanting method of capturing the hearts of people and not debasing them, but elevating them. So He said you must do it sweetly. That was His main theme. Everything He did so sweetly that He created a leela out of His doings. It was a leela that he made. He said this world is not a place where you should be serious, you should be sharp, you should be tense, but it’s a leela. Just see the leela, the drama. The whole is a drama. So the whole thing is very sweet. If you see the whole world as a drama it becomes a sweet thing. The sweetness of it, even if you see a person trying to be funny, you get a joy out of it. If you know it’s a drama you don’t get worried if somebody comes and murders somebody and you know it’s all fake, it’s a drama. It’s a drama going on and that’s what He told people that the whole thing is a leela so that people should not get into serious moods and actually start acting in the drama in the real way. Like, you see, you appoint somebody as, say, [Swajemarras?] and there is somebody coming from the other side and he takes a sword and he really hits the fellow there and you say this [Swajemarras?] actor is no good; he gets absolutely involved into the thing and hits the other person.

So it’s a drama and He made it into a leela. Leela because it’s a drama no doubt. But when, when you get realized you start seeing the drama and the play and the whole thing is, you must have seen that most of the Sahaja Yogis are always laughing, because they see the way things are happening. Even when they see a guru misbehaving or something they just feel like laughing how absurd it is. Like somebody came today to talk to Me and he told Me: ‘Mother, I have been to all kinds of nonsensical things.’ And he was just laughing. He said: ‘I laugh at them now what I did.’ He said: ‘I went to one guru who is going to — who used to give name to people; say this [Nama?] that [Nam?]. I made such efforts, I went to people, recommended my case.’ Because he was not so rich, you see, so he was never bought the name and he was saying: ‘give me the name. I must have the name.’ And the guru was saying; ‘No, no, no, no. You have to wait three…’ He said: ‘I poured so much money in his [Saivapittis?] and which were large [Saivapittis?] were put. I did everything, but he would not give me a name and ultimately when it came to that he said: ‘all right I’ll give you a name’, and he gave me a name which I started taking. I really became mad after that. I started getting headaches, this that. Then he said; ‘all right you have to suffer. If you don’t suffer you must go through it. Yes you must. You asked for the name so you have it.’ And when he came to Me, he was looking like nothing on earth, I tell you. In a very funny shape he came to Me, but now he’s completely cured. I could not even recognize him the other day I just saw him. I said: ‘Oh God are you the same person?’ So he said: ‘Mother now I laugh at all these things and I just see that how people are stupid to go to these false people, follow false ideas and false conceptions and how they are missing the point.’ And he asked Me a question: ‘have they to go to that limit of destruction to come to You?’ I said: ‘I don’t know about them what they have decided.’ But it is true that people are so stupid that they take to all these ideas and all these negative things much more easily than to the positive things, because of the vishuddhi chakra being spoilt.

If your vishuddhi chakra is not spoilt, your hands are working better. Many people who get realization do not feel vibrations in the hands, because their vishuddhi chakras are not all right. Now what does that mean that your vishuddhi chakra is not all right? First of all by temperament you are not a collective person — by temperament. You are not a person who enjoys collectivity much. Like people who are fussy. ‘I want this. I want that. I want to sleep on a proper bed. I must have this. I must do that.’ This kind of an ‘I’. Those who have too much ‘I’ in them because both the ego and super-ego start from this vishuddhi chakra. You see a man who is an egoistical person is not able to see the collectivity at all because he is separated with the rest of them. His [Omkara?] covers his being so much that he cannot enjoy the collectivity. Now you see Shri Krishna live with whom? With gopis who little, little boys. He went and used to look after His cows. Just looking after the cows. None of these incarnations you’ll find were interested in rich people or anything. He went and stayed with people who were very ordinary from the worldly point of view and there He played and there He did all these tricks of sweetness. He used to steal the butter. He used to steal the butter, and many people who are criticizing Him always say: ‘Oh He was a thief. Yes He was a thief. He was the thief of the thieves.’ And so on. He used to steal the butter, because this butter was taken to Mathura by these ladies to get some money. And that was giving more help to all these horrible rakshasas who were in Mathura. So He didn’t want this to go there and give them this good health. The best thing was to steal the butter so they don’t get it and they starve on their, they have their deficiencies of the vitamin A and D you can call it and that they suffer from bad throat and they have no strength in their hands when they pick up their swords. So this was the way to hit them so that they could not fight the forces of good. So in that He proved that a higher goal is to be achieved by giving up smaller, silly, stupid goals. The [Heetha?]. [Heetha?] is the main thing, because when He said that: ‘You don’t speak the truth, otherwise people will be hurt.’ All right, so what should you do? You hurt the people so you don’t speak the truth, or you speak the truth you hurt the people. So both cannot go together. Like if I tell somebody: ‘Oh you are so bad.’ That person gets hurt. Now if I don’t tell that person, that person is lost. So what to do?

He found out the solution so He said: ‘[Priyam vateeth?]’. He put the word in between as [Heetha?]. The word [Heetha?] means ‘good to your spirit; whatever is good for your spirit.’ [Heetha?] word means ‘good for your spirit’. It has nothing to do with material things. It means for your spirit. For example, if I tell somebody that: ‘you should not do that’, he may feel bad today, but if he recognizes that: ‘Mother is telling me for my good’, he will do it and he will gain by that in his [Heetha?] Or else if he does not do it, later on — supposing I don’t tell him and if he doesn’t know about it, or even if I tell him he does not do it — he is going to feel bad. So it is not priya to his spirit. It is not priya to him. So if you do something that is the [Heetha?] of a person, sometimes you have to tell a person, sometimes it may look very, very painful. The other day I told somebody that: ‘you don’t cure anybody because you’re not strong enough to cure.’ He felt very hurt. So then I’ll say: ‘all right go ahead. You better cure others, but don’t come back to Me.’ Then he’ll land up in a lunatic asylum. But when he’ll land up in the lunatic asylum then what will he say? Was that for his [Heetha?] that I said? Will he be then angry? So ultimately if you say the [Heetha?]. Say. Saying is the part. Not doing. Saying. You say the [Heetha?] with your vishuddhi chakra, then ultimately it becomes priya. Means it is light.

So you say a thing which is good for the spirit. Otherwise you just don’t say. But people just say to others to correct them, because they are aggressive. It should be done in love. [Heetha?] means ‛done something in love“. If you want to say something to someone in love and you feel it is necessary and the third condition you must have [Adikar?]. You must have the right to say it to the person. If you don’t have the right you just keep quiet. Let God look after. You are not in charge of anyone. But if you have to say to someone in love and if you have an [Adikara?] then you have to say it. If you don’t have the [Adikara?] you should not say anything to anyone unless and until it is absolutely priya to that person involving his [Heetha?]. This is what He put, that you should not do any [Sanskrit Word?]. Means you should not do something unauthorized. Like I would say somebody comes to Me and says that: ‘where is that person whom I want to murder?’ Then what is the truth? Should I tell him: ‘all right this is the truth. You go and kill that person.’ According to the strict government law it may be. I don’t know if it is. I don’t understand the government laws at all or the human laws. But it is not. Then what do you have to tell him? You just keep quiet. He has no Adikar. He has no right to ask you or to get this information from you. You just keep quiet. I do. Then he may beat you — do anything. You just say: ‘I don’t know.’ It is Adikar.

It is done many a times. People who are, say, great nationalists who fight for their country and people want to extract information from them. They suffer. Suffer. But they will not give the information. Not out of fear, but out of love of their fellow men who are fighting for the freedom of their country. This has been done in our country many a times. So you don’t speak something which is not the [Adikara?] of another. He has no right to ask this question.

Like that one has to be very discreet and that is what Shri Krishna has given us — His discretion. Many people ask Me: ‘Mother then in this situation what should I do? In that situation what should I do?’ That means the person has not developed a vishuddhi chakra to be discreet. He has not evolved. He is not mature enough. He is still asking Me questions. In the nirvikalpa state you don’t ask Me any questions. You know exactly what is to be done. When to shout at somebody. When to be quiet. When to be silent. When to say something and how far to go. All these qualities develop through proper vishuddhi chakra, because you are doing it for the [Heetha?] of another person. Sometimes it pays much more to keep quiet. This is what He has taught us. Not only taught us but He has put it within us the discretion part in our vishuddhi chakra. He has put within us the power to witness the drama. To be detached. He was Yogeshwara. He was Yogeshwara. He was the Ishwara of yoga. He was the One who was the giver of yoga. Naturally, because Shiva is the One to be achieved. But the One who helps us is Him. Is Akbar. Is the Mahalaxmi tattwa, is the central path which takes you to Shiva. So He is the One who takes us there. It is He who is supported by all the prophets. He works out this for you. This great work of evolution.

So one can understand very clearly that if our vishuddhi chakra is put right, we develop exactly how to be discreet in Sahaja Yoga. We devise a method by which we talk so much that makes people feel priya that they appreciate, they like it, priya. It’s loving and also it does their [Heetha?] Even sometimes you have to say something which is harsh or maybe your silence may make them feel a little harsh. Doesn’t matter. It will give them ultimately their [Heetha?] So the ultimate goal is [Heetha?] That’s what Krishna had in His mind to do the [Heetha?] So His Samhara Shakti also which He had, the killing. Many people criticize Him for that. Like the Jains you see.

At the time of Shri Krishna He had a cousin called [Neminath?] and [Neminath?] was not Shri Krishna. He was just an ordinary human being who had achieved certain heights in evolution. He just got filled up with a kind of a feeling of a repulsion about killing animals. Of course killing animals is not a very good thing, but he was not killing and it was to be done for his marriage. So he developed such a strong feeling about it that he started a different thing from real Jainism. Some sort of another path, in which he said that there should be no killing of animals. It so became so ridiculously funny, that it reached a stage where bugs became more important than human beings, even mosquitoes were more important. You see those people walking with this thing covered on their faces and on the street. Everything taken to the last nonsense. So Shri Krishna gives you discretion and this was very, very, very, very, very important because all our problems of disintegration disappears when we have discretion.

But mostly people don’t have their vishuddhi all right. On the one side there’s a right vishuddhi which gives us aggressiveness. With our talk we aggress others. Most of the politicians have that kind of a capacity. But if they get mediums into them like supra-conscious, like Hitler had. He learnt it from some Tibetan lamas who taught them these all dirty tricks of overpowering people. He managed to put such spirits into them, that they killed thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings.

The left vishuddhi is another problem. Such people also don’t have a collectivity sense because they are frightened of others. They are so negative they always see the negative side of another person. I have seen people who come and tell Me about every Sahaja Yogi: ‘that’s wrong with that Sahaja Yogi. This is wrong with that Sahaja Yogi. That’s wrong with…’ No positive points at all. They only see the negative point. So they have no collectivity. They are always have fear. All the time they are frightened of others because there’s something in them that frightens them.

So they have their left vishuddhi very badly caught up because they are guilty. Specially in the West, you will be surprised, who are supposed to be such aggressive people. They have terrible left vishuddhi, because they, by their doing, build up a very big guilt within themselves. They see how they have been behaving. Their community has been behaving. Their country has been behaving. They develop a big guilt in their mind. Moreover, as Brian has told you, that it is cut — the roots are cut and you start behaving in an anti-God manner even without realizing that it’s absolutely wrong. It’s true. The left vishuddhi comes up because they feel guilty, despite their doing wrong things with the knowledge that they are doing the right thing. They feel guilty because in the sub-conscious the conscience of a person works it out and that guilt is accumulating howsoever you may deny it, but the left side goes on catching and they have a left vishuddhi. So one has to say that: ‘Mother, I am not guilty.’ Is another side of ego where the ego’s reaction hides itself into left vishuddhi. And with that they start feeling guilty: ‘I should not have done that. I should not have done that.’ Both attitudes are wrong. When you are on the left side you aggress yourself and torture yourself and when you are on the right side you torture others and aggress them. So to be in the center is only possible if your vishuddhi chakra is all right. Otherwise you cannot.

You have seen many people when they get realization they don’t feel vibrations on both the hands equally. The reason is they have no balance. It shows on the hands. They have no balance. Now hands are very important part of human beings after Sahaja Yoga. If your hands do not have equals, equal vibrations, then something wrong with you. Whatever side you do not have vibrations, say, if you don’t have vibrations right side or you feel that right side is heavy, or is hot, then definitely you are right sided person. In such cases maybe left side is absolutely numb. Those people have numb left side means also they are right sided.

But in the left hand if you have more vibrations and on the right hand you don’t have any, then also it means that you are right sided, not that you are left sided. But on the other side if you have the other way round then you are a left sided person. That means the balance is not there. Your hand says that there should be balance. So you must know that only by thinking you are not going to get rid of your troubles in Sahaja Yoga you have to work with your hands. As I told you that just by thinking you can’t drive your car, you have to use your hands. You have to use your hands with full knowledge as to where you are, what you are and what would these vibrations mean. You have to use your hands. Now when you start using your hands for all practical purposes other people might start thinking: ‘these people have gone mad. They are using their hands.’ But the same way they thought when Mohammed Sahib taught them to use their hands. They all laughed at Him but now nobody is ashamed of it, nobody laughs at it but they are doing all mechanically — not the way He has said.

So first of all use these hands for your own purpose. For yourself. These same hands can help you. Now the Kundalini has awakened; so it is passing through all the centers in a very thin way maybe, but it is there. So first raise it more and more. You can do it with your hands. It’s, it’s a circle when your hands raise it it starts flowing more in your hands. Only your hands can raise it. It starts flowing in your hands. Giving yourself a Bandhan or raise yourself — raise your Kundalini. Learn all these methods carefully. Your hands are very important. If your hands are not working, you be careful on that. You have to get your vibrations in your hands to begin with. Some people who have had problems with their hands, because of previous life or some sort of a thing, they feel their chakras in the — their own places. Then after some times you’ll start feeling your chakras in your brain. Doesn’t matter. You will never feel anything uncomfortable with it. You will be able to manage. After that you need not feel the chakras at all. You don’t feel anything. You just say; ‘this is it.’ Finished. They just know. That also ‘knowing’ comes through your vishuddhi and you just say it, again say it.

The most important function of the vishuddhi chakra is that it should be pure and clean because if you have to say mantras your vishuddhi has to be clean. All the mantras have to have the help of vishuddhis. When a guru gives a mantra, first thing you’ll find he will have a left vishuddhi catch and any other chakra whatever the chakra the guru has attacked. But first will be on the left vishuddhi so for that we use the mantra of [Mantrasiddhi?] The [Mantrasiddhi?] comes on a person when his left vishuddhi is all right otherwise he cannot be [Mantrasiddhi?]. Whatever mantras they say is all mechanical. Your left vishuddhi should be all right if you have to say the mantras in a proper way to be effective to have enlightened mantras. Even Allah ho Akbar has no meaning if your left vishuddhi is not all right.

So you will see how in Sahaja Yoga left vishuddhi is important and right vishuddhi is important for vibrations. So vishuddhi chakra plays a tremendous part, role in, in Sahaja Yoga because it connects you to the Virat, to the whole. So you come to the point where you know that it is true vishuddhi chakra. You know the whole Akbar. You get connected with Him. The rapport is established through vishuddhi chakra and you can feel it, is communicated. The rapport may be, supposing the hands are cut, still you might get your Realization. Many get it. But if you do not have your hands intact, then the communication is poor. Then maybe on your chakras you will start developing the communication later on. But this is the easiest way to feel the communication in your hands, if your hands are sensitive.

So what should we do to keep the vishuddhi chakra is the problem. I have been told that I should finish My lecture soon and go away soon, but I think I should finish this today about vishuddhi chakra. What should we do to keep our vishuddhi chakra all right? Steal the butter and eat it. You must eat butter because it has vitamin A and D. Vitamin D especially. I am sorry. Vitamin D. So that calcium grows in your body. So you’ll become a strong person. If you just take calcium without butter then there’s a problem. So try to take butter whenever you have vishuddhi chakra problem, for physical side; I’m just telling about this. You can take some butter in water, hot water; spread it on and take it. Vishuddhi chakra looks after the cooling side. Cooling side. Because the liver when it is heat, gives heat the body becomes heated up. Then the one that really cools it down is the vishuddhi chakra and when you have a problem on the, on the drying of the epithelial cells inside, the lining, then best thing is to take some butter in the water, or eat some butter during summer time. But no carbohydrates with it. No carbohydrates. Then you won’t put on weight. You eat as much as you like – butter. You will not put on weight. If you can give up carbohydrates completely you will have [Satvikraharya? Sanskrit?] absolutely. You should not touch carbohydrates and you will be amazed that you will have [Same Sanskrit word]. Take butter and proteins. Take all fats, cream, everything. Nothing will go wrong with you. You can take for proteins all dried fruits, everything and just take this honey for sweet. No carbohydrates. Or also these days honey is made out of sugar as you know. So if you can avoid carbohydrates and just take these things your health will be all right. But we have patients. We have all kinds of imbalances. That’s why I say, ‛All right, if you have a liver take sugar.“ But if you just give up sugar it is not going to help. You have to first correct your liver and then you can give up sugar very easily. No problem. But not before that. Like all the doctors in general say: ‘don’t take sugar.’ The fat goes out of the body just giving the lining of the body, the softness, and goes out of the body. It doesn’t stay because if there is no carbohydrates it cannot be retained in the body.

You can see at home. You put some butter on your hand. All right? And wash it. It won’t wash. It will just stick there. It will have no effect — nothing, but it will be just sticking out there. It cannot be consumed. But if you put some carbohydrate say put some [inaudible?] or something you can take it out. It dissolves. It cannot be dissolved if you do not take carbohydrates. But this is for people who do not have any imbalances in the body, who are perfectly all right; they can do it. I can do it but nobody allows Me. Everybody uses Me for feeding as if I am a wastepaper basket. (Laughter) If I don’t eat… you see you are supposed to give Mother something like an [Aryuvedia?] this much. But I have seen people when they want to give Me they’ll give Me so much and if I eat a little they’ll feel that: ‘oh what Mother is ….’ I don’t need it actually. People should understand My nature. So when they serve Me, they’ll serve so much that I cannot eat. I just eat little. I can manage. There is no need for Me to eat carbohydrates at all, at all. I need not have carbohydrates. But; ‘Mother I have made this. Please have it. Mother I have made these laddhus. Please have it. Mother I have…’ So I say; ‘All right baba now I have to suffer to please you people.’ [Unintelligible Word?] Priya.

This is what is very simple to understand that you should not force Me to eat. At all, there’s no need to force Me. Don’t force anyone to eat ‘though I do force people to eat because I know they need it. But you cannot do it. You have no discretion. When you have discretion, whom to force whom not to force, then it’s all right. Also when you force you must know that the food has to be vibrated. If it is not vibrated food if you force the person, he’ll have trouble.

Now for all of you to understand the importance of vishuddhi chakra is first and foremost thing is that when you speak you must speak about Sahaja Yoga and nothing else. If you have to give speech — I have known many Sahaja Yogis you see who are still member of this organization, member of that organization, member of this thing of horrible organizations which are anti God. Say now for example we’ll see Hari Rama Hari Krishna organization is anti Christ, anti. It is of course anti Christ openly and in the real sense is anti Krishna. Absolutely Krishna. Every person who goes there and begs in the name of God has a horrible vishuddhi and they all suffer ultimately from vishuddhi troubles; cancer — this that and they die.

And the face of a person who has a good vishuddhi is blooming, is wide, is full of….full, full like a full moon. And if you have a face which is all shut down that means your vishuddhi is not all right. If the vishuddhi is functioning when there has to be glow on the face. The face should be full and nourished and sparkling. And eyes should be sparkling because vishuddhi chakra also looks after the eyes. It looks after the neck. It looks after the ears. It looks after the nose. If your vishuddhi chakras are spoiled you have problems with all E.N.T. things.

So the people who are like that; like this you see we can say the man who was the leader of that organization. They think they are doing Hari Rama Hari Krishna. Actually they are doing absolutely anti, anti Krishna activities. Absolutely. You have no business to call Krishna’s name like this, like mad, standing before all the people wearing these horrible dresses of these dhoti and kurtas and which they are absolutely done in a very funny way. They don’t know how to wear it; the women wearing their saris and men buying those [BHODIS?] and putting them on their head and shaving their heads. Did Krishna shave His head? Did He ever shave His head? Head.. the hair are actually the part of Krishna’s gift. On the contrary He.. His hair are always described. Always described in the poetry.

There is a story about a great Urdu poet who was an Indian.. who was a Hindu, but Urdu poet and some fanatics you see challenged him. So this…they put one couplet and they said: ‘you better complete this.’ So he said: ‘[Urdu Sentence?]’ So he completed it like this: ‘[Urdu Sentence?]’

His hair are described in every poetry are used. Here they are shaving their heads, putting these [Bhodis?] on their heads and walking about. When did Krishna had bald head? Did He have a bald head? He is Yogeshwera with sixteen thousand wives; means sixteen thousand powers. He didn’t have Sahaja Yogis to work out, so He got them as wives. They were all yoginis within.

He created all this drama and He got them as wives because a man, if he has any women as disciples, then naturally he is blamed and as a man he has to have powers in the women. Women are always the power — the shakti. So they came as His wives and He became the husband of sixteen thousand wives and the five Ranis He had were the five elements within Him. He played all the tricks. He created… you how will you know about Him? How far can you go understanding Him?

So these people who are trying to call Shri Krishna every moment, every minute, standing on the streets and begging in His name. All over the places begging like beggars. Krishna couldn’t stand begging at all. Never. He believed in having a right. He would steal than to beg. All these beggars being created in the name of God. I think is one of the greatest sins to beg in the name of God. I have seen this happening before the temples and all that and I used to think; ‘before the temple in front of God to stand and beg. To be a fakir means to beg. What is this? Is this the sign of a [Basha?]. Shri Krishna was a [Bashawa?] Yogeshwera and these beggars, they are the followers of Shri Krishna?’ Horrible things. They look so miserable and they are absolutely like cabbages and many people believe that they are in peace. Naturally if you are living in a [Smashana?] you are in peace; in a dead condition. And our country, which is a poor country supporting all these beggars here, all our rich people have given them money and lands. Is this the way we are going to support these lamas who come down from there and these horrible people coming down from the west. All the people who cannot work. Very nice come here say: ‘hari Rama hari Krishna’, and read Gita and say some few words by heart and then you earn your living here – nicely living. Every village there is one or two sitting there and begging. Can you believe it? And our government is not bothered about it; to find out who are these people, why are they here? In the name of God why are they begging like this? I mean, we have so many poor people who are begging in the name of God. Why not collect them and help them instead of helping these horrible people?

Like this, you see, people have anti God activities and anti Krishna activities. When you take the name of God in vain — vishuddhi catches. I have known people sitting ‘[Warguru Warguru Warguru?]’ Is it so..Nanak Sahib is so cheap that we should go on taking His name ‘[Warguru Warguru Warguru?]? They’ll go on having the [Mala?] in the hand all the time. What is this going on? What do you think God to be? Is He in your pocket? Is He so cheaply available that you just go on doing all these things? Why? You spoil your vishuddhi completely. One must understand. When… you see, you are surprised at… It is said that: ‘[Phrase In Indian Language?]’

Still people start doing it. [Karaka?] means what? Vishuddhi chakra. That’s how you spoil your vishuddhi chakra. That’s how you spoil your main chakra of attaining realization.

So if you have to become one with the whole, please try to keep your vishuddhi chakra clear. Getting into colds because these days India especially…any, everywhere even in… women have a special tendency not to cover their body because they think they are not looking very fashionable or whatever it is. Is a very modern stuff has started that they want to wear scanty dresses. This is all anti God in both ways. Firstly it is nonsensical to show off your body. That’s why Mohammed Sahib said — you see He has worked so much on vishuddhi chakra — that women should cover their body. Is a very good thing I sometimes think. This nonsense of fashion has gone to such a limit that after some time you’ll find all these mosquitoes walking around without any clothes. That’s the ultimate. You see is a sign of people who are, who are neither ‘he’ nor ‘she’. The ‘it’ people do that way. (Laughter) Yes always. ‘It’ are the people who have qualities. That’s why Rajneesh, when people go to them, they become ‘it’. Because that is their capacity: no shame at all left in them.

And that is what it is, one has to understand that you should be careful about your throats. The fashions and all these things are not so important. What is important is your health. If you spoil your vishuddhi it’s a very wrong thing and one should try to look after vishuddhi all the time and all of you should try to look after each other’s vishuddhi. Because I didn’t like the idea of having this pendal here and I told the organizers this was a wrong thing. So they said; ‘You said it should be in the open.’ I said: ‘now I’m not saying you go to Himalayas.’ You must use discretion. That’s the part missing. You must have discretion. To give people a thing in the mid-winter such a place; I mean I must say you people are great seekers to be here. This is not proper thing to do. So the organizers, the people who are dealing with the collectivity, must know that they should do something to protect the throat of people, to protect the vishuddhu chakra. It’s very important. Very important and you all know how I care for your vishuddhi chakras; everybody’s vishuddhi chakra. Because I know how important it is. Because it will make you absolutely disintegrated and it will spoil all the work of Kundalini and poor Kundalini will suffer so. So we have to take it upon yourselves that we’ll keep our vishuddhi chakra clean. We’ll clean ourselves properly and we’ll clean our throats every morning and we’ll take gargling and everything and look after our vishuddhi chakra. It looks very mundane but for a Mother mundane things are as important as higher things are. Because if there is no vishuddhi chakra what’s the use of coming to Sahaja Yoga — with a bad vishuddhi chakra?

So please try to look after your vishuddhi chakra. Try to put Yogeshwera there. Try to raise Shri Krishna there, try to be like Him. Keep your understanding that you are here to witness the drama of God and to be the [Murelee?] of Shri Krishna to watch the beautiful melody flowing through you.

May God bless you all!

Now what is today also they don’t want anyone to touch My feet. I hope today you will obey without any exception. Yesterday we tried but there were exceptions so today there should be no [Indian Word?]. Let us see. One day we should not touch Mother’s feet. Doesn’t matter. You all can touch from there and there is a way of collectively touching Mother’s feet is the way we do always. You can all do it just now but we need not actually touch, but you are actually touching. Even touching the mother earth you are touching. Just touch the mother earth and you are there.

Just touch the mother earth; you will find the Kundalini rising.

You haven’t given Me any questions whatsoever and those who have questions should write questions and give it to Me, because once I’ll go away then you will say: ‘Mother never allowed us to ask any questions.’ I did say there are….

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