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Mooladhara and Swadisthana — 1981 |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sydney, Australia
25 March 1981 

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

The other day I told you a little bit about the first centre, called as Mooladhara chakra and Kundalini which is the resident consciousness in the triangular bone called as sacrum. As I told you that this is the pure desire power which has not yet been awakened and is not yet manifested within you, which resides here waiting for a moment to arise and to give you your second birth, your baptism it makes you at peace. It gives you your self-realization.

This pure desire is to be one with your spirit. This, unless and until it is fulfilled those who are seeking will never be satisfied whatever, they may do. Now, this centre is very important because this was the first centre that was created when the Pyramidal Being started doing the job. This is the centre of innocence that is holiness. First thing that was created was the holiness on this earth. This centre is very important in all human beings, because animals have innocence, they have not lost it while we have …. or we can say we have a freedom to abandon it. We can do it, we can somehow or rather destroy it by our so-called ideas of freedom.

Now this centre has a power to give us wisdom. Now wisdom is such, such a word that cannot explained. Wisdom is the balance between your understanding of what is good and what is bad. Where you really understand what is good for you, for your spirit, is wisdom, and when this centre is alive and is not destroyed then you really know is wisdom is. For example, the person who has got this centre very well doubled up can tell you whether it is the north or the south, because the magnetism that is in the Mother Earth this centre is made by the element of Mother Earth. So the magnetism that is in the Mother Earth is there present in this centre. When the birds fly all the way from Siberia to Australia they do it with the help of this centre, because they know whether they are moving northward or southward. They have an innate wisdom to know which way to move and that’s why one should know that this centre is also within us but have lost our sense of judgement because we have lost that magnetism within us.

An innocent person is really like a magnet and it attracts, he attracts the people towards himself, just like a flower attracts a bee towards itself. There are some fishes in which they have found actual magnetic field and in some of them they have even found a regular magnet placed in certain fishes by which they know, whether they are going north, south, east or west. This centre in us can be destroyed by various ways as I told you, last time. Now if you see on from the top there is a blue line coming down. This is the power of our desire by which we desire, is the emotional side of a human being. When a person neglects his emotional side or does not respect his emotional side, then this centre gets lost. It gets very much destroyed. The emotional side in these modern times is not well understood by human beings. I’m sorry to say but it is very true that when you destroy this centre, first thing that sets in is impotency or over activity like the rapist and all that are created because this centre is neglected.

Both things are just the same in the eyes of God, any extreme is wrong. Now, those people who say that you can be enlightened through sex are really, I don’t know what to call them, because She is your Mother sitting down there She is only your Mother, She has no other child and She is holiest of holy. She is the holy Ghost within you and if want to sex on your Mother, I don’t know if people understand that here. In India it’s impossible we cannot understand this nonsense. So is the same insult to your Mother. Like some people try to insult Mother Mary by putting Christ in a very awkward situation with Her. It’s something like that we can say happens when you start talking like this. It’s a very great sin to do such thing to your own Mother, which is the Kundalini and that why the other day I told you, I have seen some people have Kundalini which is all the time tossing her head and breaking Her whole body and just feeling so helpless because She’s made so weak because the holiness from a person is vanished. Our idea of holiness has become so perverted, so perverted and to add up to that we have now gurus to tell us that it’s a very good thing to do, you’ll go to heaven. Actually they are very honest they say you’ll go to bottomless pit and bottomless pit means hell.

Why do you need a guru for this, actually you have mastered this art. I mean, in England when I went I was amazed that they have sex about, I mean they talk of sex and sex and sex, morning till evening I don’t understand. Like all important people talk, you see. That’s how they go on talking about sex, all the time, it’s nothing but sex it’s so filthy, so filthy. They talk sex with the animals, sex with the children. I don’t know what’s happening to human beings, how can be that filthy? I wouldn’t be surprised after sometime we will have our bathrooms inside our drawing rooms, you see there’s something like our privacy, something like our drawing room where we meet people. How can you talk of these things, how can you discuss these things which are so private, and so sacred, and that’s how you lose them or you, lose over them.

This is one of the things that’s happening to us because God has given us freedom within, we can do what we like. But we have lost our wisdom, we have lost. I don’t why this Industrial Revolution, or I don’t know whom to blame, but we have lost our wisdom to understand that these things are injurious. If it is not we logically then, we can say, why do we develop diseases. With free sex, all the sailors you know under law have to have in every port arrangements for getting injections for all kinds of complications that they have from sex life. Why is it you do not feel healthy every minute? You’ll lose all your health, all your charm is gone from your face, sunken and look so horrid. Is a very good sign, just now to see how nature reacts with it. So one has to be wise to understand that God has given us this thing to us not to be insulted but for us to lead a good, normal, good married life, and not to waste our energies in this kind of thing.

But when people start thinking about it then it’s even worse. Then what happens, that this shifts from there the attention onto the other side and it goes to the yellow side, goes to the brain. When you start thinking about it, definite it is that you’ll become umpteen definite no doubt at a very early stage. Because it is spontaneous. And when you start thinking about it, when your eyes starts roving here and there be sure your attention is gone to something which is so localised which is so different and which takes place only at a time when you are at a certain emotional spontaneity. It’s very out of date, talk of these things to people but if you are not careful about it you have to find out the statistics of American young people and you will be amazed how many of them are suffering from horrible diseases. When I went to America, I found that nine out of ten young people who came to me were suffering from these horrible diseases and most of them were impotent. It’s a shocking truth. One has to face as it is, and not to say, ‛Oh I’m alright, I’m alright“, this is not the way to look at things, we have to see the statistics, that are being placed before us, and to know that there is something wrong about it and with your wisdom you have reach certain conclusions about it.

Now the second centre, which I call as a Swadisthana Chakra, is also a very important centre within us. The first centre looks after all our excretion, it has got four petals in the same way in the pelvic plexus which is manifested by that, which is a gross plexus within us, has also got four sub-plexuses. Another one that we have is the Swadisthan Centre, which is the second centre. Second centre has got six petals, and it supplies or it manifests in the gross, the Aortic Plexus, which also has got six sub-plexuses. Now this centre is very important for us in the modern times, it is extremely important and I think neglect of this centre can create lots of problems.

Now this centre if you see is connected with the brain and this centre is responsible for our action, is the centre of our creativity. Where we think of the future, when we do any physical work, we use this centre for that purpose and one has to understand that these days we are developing lots of diseases because we have not understood what is the function of this centre.

The foremost function of this centre is to convert the fat cells for the use of the grey matter in the head. When we think too much all the time about the future we plan, we go on planning into all details what happens is that this poor centre has to work very hard to produce new cells one after another for the use of your brain.

Apart from that it has to do many other functions. It has to look after you liver, it has to look after you spleen, it has to look after you pancreas, your kidneys and also uterus among women. If you start thinking too much all the time thinking, if you cannot stop your thinking, all the time your brain goes on thinking a sort of a thinking process starts without your control, then this poor centre has to work all that, your liver goes out.

When your liver goes out you must know that liver is one of the most important things within us because it nourishes our attention, Chitta. It nourishes our Chitta, now this attention whenever it is spoiled it is spoiled because there are certain poisons within us. Any, it can be physical poisons it can be mental poisons, it can be emotional poisons, any kind of poisons there are especially the physical and the emotional ones they go to this liver, which sorts it out. This is the function of this liver is to sort it out.

But when you are not giving it sufficient energy you are losing through thinking then poor this centre is left behind, it has no nourishment nobody looks after it it becomes sluggish. When it becomes sluggish all the heat accumulates in the liver, and such a person doesn’t get any temperature till he gets cirrhosis and he dies. Now when thinking goes on too much, people get tired of thinking, thinking too much, thinking too much. So they think, ‛Let’s have something that will take us away from thinking, which will give us a kick outside“. So they take some sort of a drug, or a drink, or alcohol and all that.

All the saints in the world have said that alcohol is very dangerous for life. The reason is that it goes against our awareness, this is a fact, you know that after taking a drink our awareness becomes blurred or excited, it’s not normal, that’s the reason they said no. In Sahaja Yoga I do not say don’t do this and don’t do that. I only want you to come to Sahaja yoga, get your Realisation and then you’ll not ask for it. That’s a much better way to do it. But why they asked for example, if you read Moses, Moses has clearly said that these are strong drinks, very clearly, I don’t know if people read that and they should be avoided. I don’t if the Jews do that. They should not be taken, he has very clearly said it. Abraham said the same thing that drinks are not good.

Why all these prophets talk about it? Because they are all born in that green patch of ours, they are all placed in this green patch where we get our sustenance, which is ten. We have got ten sustenances within us, like the gold has a sustenance that it does not tarnish in the same way human beings have got ten sustenances.

And these ten sustenances are represented by great prophets. The principle is called as Adi Guru, in Sanskrit language, the Primordial Master. He has incarnated on this earth as Abraham, Moses, as Lao Tse, as Confucius, as Socrates, recently he has been as Sai Nath of Shirdi, not the other fellow, and other great people have been like Nanaka, Janaka. All these great saints came on this earth to tell us how to keep in the centre, how to keep in the centre, how to keep our sustenance, how to be human beings. As carbon has got four valances, we too have got ten valances. We have to maintain those ten valances within us, that’s what they came to tell us.

But you see if anybody says now don’t drink, half of the hall will be empty. If you say you cannot have free sex and five people will walk out. That’s the problem, here nobody likes to know anything about it, but it’s a dangerous thing to do. Whatever it is that you have to keep in the centre. You have to be in the centre, and how to keep in the centre is not to go to extremes, be moderate, and moderate life is the best way. But even if you have not been, doesn’t matter.

Kundalini is at this point in such a force that whatever you might have done, you get your realization quite alright. So is a different point, but what I am trying to tell you is this that why these people said so.

Now Mohammed Sahib is another who said don’t drink, he’s one of them, he’s just the same, there’s no difference, there’s no difference between Moses and Mohammed Sahib I can prove it to you on vibrations, you can yourself know through vibrations that they were the same people, saying the same thing there’s no difference of any kind. It’s only people are fighting, I don’t know why, I just can’t understand what is there to fight between these two. They were just the same, preached the same thing, and when Moses crossed the river and the bridge was made that bridge is the bridge which is symbolic of the Kundalini that creates for you, to cross this void within us.

Is very symbolic, they have worked so hard to tell you what is sustenance, where we have to be in the centre because if you are in sustenance as he said that only a thread of this Kundalini rises. It is not one thread that should rise, actually I’ve seen in people the whole of it goes up like that and it stays there in many people but the trouble is it rises because there’s no space to rise. We are finished off with the Swadisthana and with another chakra which is in the centre, which is the centre called as Nabhi Chakra means the navel centre.

So when you have an obstruction in the centre, naturally the kundalini, though it rises with full force all the things, all the threads fall down and only one somehow or other goes up and opens up the Sahastrara, thinking that at least if I open up there then the others, the grace will fall and maybe it will open out more. So this is the problem, that’s why they said that you lead a life which is moderate and temperate and this is what they preached too. Now let us see what happens when we go to extremes. In the centre as we have seen is the sustenance within us. Now if you try to go beyond this side or that side what happens, let us see.

Beyond this side is the subconscious, if you go you enter into the collective subconscious. On the other side if you move that is the supra-conscious you enter into collective supra-conscious. Now into this side are all the people on the left-side are the people who are still dissatisfied very sly, sinister, horrible people who are dead, who do not want to take rebirth and who still want to torture people absolutely. These are busy bodies, they can possess you, they do possess you and on the right hand side there are people like Hitler who are very ambitious, who have died out of their ambitions and things like that, they still exist there. Either you enter into this side or either you enter into that side when you go to extremes and you just get possessed. It’s a very dangerous area you are entering into.

Recently I was seeing a BBC program and some doctors had discovered a very interesting thing they said that cancer is triggered, listen to this very carefully, cancer is triggered by some proteins they call it protein 56, protein 56 or something like that. When these proteins attack us from some unknown areas within us which are built within us since our creation. What are these areas I mean this I’ve been telling for so many years is the left side and the right side the two extremes.

Now what do we do when we go to the right side, the right side is the area where you think too much where you project yourself in the future. Now like that you go on then you start becoming a person who is more interested in the future than the present. The centre is the present. Now you start projecting your mind into that (future), you start moving into that side, with that, anybody who is an austere person, they think that if you are a very austere person, you lead the life of celibacy and all this nonsensical things you see, all this is absolutely nonsensical.If you lead a life of celibacy it’s not going to help you at all on the contrary such a person becomes an extremely dry personality and ultimately dies of heart attack and such a person is so hard headed, so hot tempered that you must take a barge pole before you meet such a person. There are so cursing type. I mean so unaware of other people’s health or anything that they can curse anyone and this is their job is to curse this one and curse that one and curse that one. They are extremely dry people, they might take to social work in the name of God or they’ll work like hell for the poor they’re thinking they’re saving the poor and doing this and that and while if you see them any other time you’ll be sure that such a person is absolutely burning with fire.

They have a horrible liver, very hot temper there is no sweetness about them there is no magnetism about them, all the people run away from them they are like boiled sprouts, you see, sitting on everybody’s head. Do this, do that, you haven’t done this, what are you doing, they will not sleep themselves and not allow anybody to sleep, they think that everybody is supposed to work under their thumb and these are the people who are very ego oriented as shown there are the people who move onto the right hand side.

Any austere ideas about religion can take you to this side and this austerity is very dangerous for human beings because it cuts you off from the whole. Such a person may be entrapped or possessed by some sort of a personality on the right hand side.I know of a lady who is very well known in India and whose got a big prize and this and that for her social work. I happened to see her first time on an aeroplane when she had no prizes and all that, she came with some sort of an odd stuff with her and she wanted to sit in the front seat. So air hostess said, ‛I’m sorry this is reserved for some children who are sick and they have to go by this plane and we can’t give you this“, and the mother is there. She started fighting no matter how many time she told them, and this and that and she was just jumping from here to there and there to there and she wouldn’t allow the plane to leave and for half an hour she was fighting to sit down there and the amount of abuses she used for the air hostess I was amazed.

And she’s supposed to be a woman who should be given a peace prize or something like that, I don’t know, there was no peace on her face neither around her and everybody was so disturbed with the way she was on about it, it was really shocking to see this personality who was so hot tempered and so meticulous about things and she was arguing with her this was my seat and this was my seat and this was this and this was that. Thank God then they got her out and the plane left the place, but I’m telling you such people can be frantically hot tempered and can be so unaware of your presence there that you have to be very, very careful with them.

Such people may look to be very, very successful in life you see and when they walk they have an upper lip and all sorts of things you see but it takes no time for them to realise that it’s all tom-foolery going on.

This kind of ego orientation can lead you to nothing but stupidity. A person can be extremely stupid and he doesn’t know he has been, how stupid he has been, because this is what’s wrong. You see a gentleman came to see us and he had a wife, she was a mere sixteen years of age and the fellow was eighty years of age. You see naturally I thought he must be the grandfather you see so I said ‛Is she your granddaughter?“ So my husband pinched me said ‛That’s his wife.“ I said ‛Really?“ I said, ‛I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was your wife“, ‛What’s wrong I can have a wife who is too young, what’s wrong in it?“ I said ‛Nothing wrong, only thing is people will laugh at you, that’s all“.

All sorts of stupid things people do in this world, and they think ‛what’s wrong?“ This is the best way to get along with your stupidity, till they discover that you are the greatest stupid person ever. Now this stupidity comes from the ego, coming up and surrounding your brain completely, you cannot see anything else, you just see yourself, my room, my house, my, my, my. You cannot see that there are others, that you owe some sort of relationship to others, that you have to be kind to them, that you have to share things with them, you all the time think of yourself and such people get possessed by the supra-conscious style. What happens in spirituality in such people, they start feeling their body is lying here and they go and sit in a tree, they think it is realisation or enlightenment, just imagine. This is nothing but a supra-conscious spirit has entered and taken the body away and put it there.

I had, I told you three Americans coming from America and they were known to be very big scientists. They came to see me, and said ‛Mother you have to teach us one thing“, I said ‛What?“ ‛We want to fly“. I said ‛Flying you’re already flying, what do you want to flying. They said ‛No, but we want to fly with ESP“, I said ‛You should not do that because if you do that then you are enslaved by these spirits and you do want to do that, to be enslaved by these spirits“. ‛Yes, whatever it is, enslavement or anything, we want to have this by which we will fly“, I said ‛Why?“ They said ‛Because Russia is doing it, and Russians are doing experiments with ESP. So we should also do it“. I said ‛If they are going to hell, are you also going to hell?“ They said, ‛Yes, what’s wrong?“ I said, ‛Nothing is wrong, go with two running jumps, you can go very fast there, but as far as I am concerned I am not for it, I am not going to doom your life forever“. So I asked ‛Who has sent you to me?“ And they said ‛One Patanjali“. You see there is a fellow called Patanjali who is a journalist, I said, ‛This Patanjali has sent you?“ ‛Yes, he has sent us to you. He was the man who used to leave his body, and run all over the places. He was a journalist you see, so he used to get the news before anybody else knows, and he used to run out of his house and the wife was so surprised that one day he brought some sand and he said, ‛Yesterday do you know where I was, I was on the beach, from there I brought the sand for you.“ She got such a fright, and he used to shake before any photograph of God or Christ or anyone, he used to shake like that, so she brought to me, she said, ‛This fellow is shaking I don’t know what is happening, he is rattling, this Parkinson’s thing. I don’t know what is happening, and in the night he disappears, I lock up everything and still he disappears, I don’t know what to do, it’s very shocking. ‛He said, ‛Sometimes I go and sit on a tree.“ I said, ‛Really?“ So I told him that, ‛You are possessed.“ He said, ‛Mother, please take it away. I don’t want this nonsense, you don’t know where I will land up tomorrow. I could be anywhere, hanging in the air, I don’t want to do that anymore, maybe my body won’t come back.“

This is what people are doing now they take out the spirits. When they take out the spirit from a person they keep it with them. Like the children, small children die in their sleep. If a mother is here and she has a child in America, and she say’s I want to talk to my child through a medium, is a very dangerous thing, never play with these mediums, very dangerous. And such a mother I know in Switzerland, she did that to a child and the child died in America, in the sleep. Because the distance is such that, where is day there is night, she was doing this in the daytime, and the child was sleeping. She talked to the child, she heard his voice, everything she did … and the child died.

Never go near these people who deal with spirits, is said by all the great people of the world, but we are not bothered you see. ‛What’s wrong?“ We go to spirits, to ESP to our elders who are dead, to our brothers and sisters, why bother them now they are dead, let them be free. As it is you tortured their lives when they lived on this earth. Why don’t you leave them be? Let them go and take their births. But we are not satisfied. We say no, we must talk to them. We have to hold hands, call spirits, do this.

But do you know what happens with them. First of all no realization. Very difficult for such people. Even if you get realization and all that you have lots of problems, I’ve seen people go mad, because these spirits are dirty things. Supposing you have called me, I am an Indian, so now you are exposed to India. You must know you are exposed to Indian and you have no control over people coming down from these areas and you are just being possessed. They possess you, your family everything and is a fact that these horrible things that act or that call or that try to show that they are helping you, are the people who are just taking money from you.

But they are going to be condemned much worse than you. The people who are the mediums who are clairvoyants have used these things and all this we’ll call these Guru’s from Tibet, there’s nothing like that.

Anybody who’s a realised soul will never come into anybody. No Guru can come into anybody, take it from me because they know the value of freedom. They will never do it. It’s a very mean thing to do. To them who are dead and to yourself who is living and is such a beautiful thing created by God. You get possessed by all these nonsensical things and black magic and I don’t know how you educated people can take to it, perhaps you are very naive, I would say that, you are naive. Because in India we know this, we know all this, we know all this materialisation and all business, we know very well.

Of course, I mean all the young people do not know now, because I am an ancient person, we all knew about it, we call it Branumati Vidya, Pret Smashan Vidya, Bhoot Vidya, there are books and books about it, what these things are done. There are black magic, voodoo, and all sorts of things that you call it, but you have no knowledge about it.Now for example we put all our dead bodies in the church, I don’t know who told, where is it written in the Bible, I don’t understand, why should you put your dead bodies in the church. Alright, if you want to have a church for the dead bodies, let them be along with the dead bodies, you are living people, why do you sit on top of dead bodies and have all the bhoots and devils coming on you and sitting on your heads?

Only a realised soul is a the person who should be buried in a church, only a realised soul. In India, it is a custom that all people are burned except for a realised soul, because they never try to possess anyone, they never try to disturb, on the contrary, they help us in so many ways, they are not the people who will just come to disturb your life or give you some encouragement, sometimes you feel very happy also with that because you feel that your responsibility is taken over, they have taken your responsibility and you feel quite relieved, in the beginning you feel quite nice, in the beginning it’s a good sensation, ‛Oh I feel peace“, you think, because somebody else has come into your house and he is going to use all your house and you’ll be left behind. And then you become ridiculous. Such people you’ll find put the cloth in the mouth like this, look like that, and they are very much frightened and afraid.

Of course before me they shake like this, all sorts of things happen. Now there is another trend about it, that if you say that these are possessed people, and this and that, so the left side ones are even worse. Left side ones are the ones who go into the spirit business, very much, but there are two types of spirit business, one can give supra-concious, and one can give even subconscious, and the subconscious is very easily available because they are busy bodies all these spirits, and in the subconscious area they are busy bodies and very mean and sly and dirty people.

For example a woman dies young without marriage, she would like to trouble a married woman, she’s jealous. And that’s why there are certain rules and regulations in our life. One should understand by which you should avoid all these things. Take your psychologists. Psychologists do not know what they’re facing. They treat mad people. I told you about Freud, he was half baked because he only knew about this desire. Power of desire which he called conditioning and all that. But he did not know there was another one which is our ego, so he said you take out all your conditioning, you don’t have any conditioning whatsoever. So where do you go, you land up in ‛What’s wrong?“ Ego orientated. Then you form another cult by saying we must destroy our cult. You go on saying that to yourself ‛Oh you are good for nothing, you are useless, all the time kill your ego, you become a recluse, these two things happen with extremes of this movement of this centre. Through this centre you either go to the left or the right.

Now what is the real thing, this is the centre of creativity. Creativity and the knowledge of the Divine. Knowledge of the divine is when you get your realisation, you get the cool vibrations of the Holy Ghost and you have to know how to raise the Kundalini of others, and you have to know how to correct yourself. You have to know how to know all of these centres and also you have to find out all the absolute questions you have got within your mind.

This has to happen to you. This realization has to happen because this is in your own right you are having. Now you are a human being and you have to become a super human being. I’m not doing anything about it as I said, I’m just cashing your bank accounts. But if bank accounts are so much on the left or right it’s rather difficult, you have to give lots of grace marks and sort of overdrafts are there.So one has to understand that better be in the centre. Not to go to these things. Why, why, for what? What are you going to gain out of these things? Are you going to go to your spirit? Are you going to become yourself? Why just for a little game here a little game there?

Why are you going to these horrible people? They will take you to such a horrible extreme that maybe you will not be able to return. In London I was surprised there was a doctor whom I knew by relationship and he came to see me and he said, ‛I’ve lost all my jobs, everything because I’m very depressed I can’t work. I don’t know what happens to me. I’m extremely depressed. I’ve lost zest to work. I do not feel anything I’m just gone. I’m very depressed. And everytime I try to work I get again depressed. I’m very tired.“ I asked him did he go to anyone of these tantrics and this type of person and he said ‛Never“!! But my grandfather was tantrics. He used to do this black magic business and now see the grandson is suffering because of it. Later on he was cured.

We have one Australian here who was a Russian doctor, his grandmother had a habit of taking the child to the cemetery in the early ages of his life. He remembers that very well and after some time he became so depressed he lost his job, I mean he couldn’t work. He used to get a headache and all sorts of things use to happen. Cramps use to come in his hands. When he came to me he got cured but it took some time because in childhood all the impressions of these spirits were there.

So one has to understand how to keep dead away from you. You have to be in the present and not in the dead. Whosoever is dead is finished. Have you ever noticed a monkey, if a child of a monkey dies, before the death the monkey will be shouting and screaming and doing all sorts of things. As soon as the thing dies it leaves. It’s not bothered. The same with dogs and so many things, not bothered about it, it knows it’s gone. That’s why it’s said that if somebody is dead, think of God and you sing songs and things like that, do not indulge into it too much. But we have forgotten all those things and the way we do about dead things sometimes, it is so far, that actually most of us live that when doing all this, we live in the past. We live in the past and such people see some ghosts and things and some of them who are like this have seen my past and have been shaking before me, they all shake before me like this. They all shake, they cannot sit straight they go on shaking like this, they go on shaking like that, all the time their bodies shaking, they have no control over their body.

So one has to understand that these things are absolutely dangerous for human beings. We are human beings we are not dead bodies, we are that. But the worst thing is that those who indulge into these things are caught up by the proteins which doctors have said are nothing but these dead spirits. They are saying proteins because they don’t understand. These are the dead spirits, cancer is caused only by the attack of the dead spirits. I have not come across a single case whom I have treated, I have treated many, who has not got the affectation of the spirit. Now in realisation when you get your realisation you catch up on this or this, these are the two Swadisthana which were marked.

Now I hope you put your hands like this, you will get your realisation as well when I’m talking to you. Like this please and put both the feet straight on the ground, just like this. Now I was telling you that when you put your hands like this first the cool breeze starts flowing in. But when you have your realisation you put your hand on somebody to test it, you catch on this one. That means it is unauthorised.Unauthorised working of the Divine can be subconscious area, can be supra-conscious, the psychologist or anyone can catch on this. When you work on your mind. Your mind is the superego, there, the blue one is the mind and when you have somehow or other, gone to some person or had something to do with black magic yourself, then you catch on this finger (left thumb).

Is left Swadisthana, as we call it and when you catch on this you have to say that you believe in the Divine working – In the pure working of the Divine and that’s called as Nirmala Vidya. Nirmala Vidya means the pure knowledge of the technique of how to raise your kundalini. When you say that, this gets alright and the spirits leave you.There are many people who have come to me who have been mad, and they say, ‛How by Kundalini do you cure mad people?“ What do you do about it. Nothing, I just give them Kundalini awakening. Then when the Kundalini awakens, when She goes to this centre, the second centre within us, the enlightenment takes place. The deity there of creativity gets awakened and with the light this darkness within you just disappears. Just goes away.

Epilepsy can be cured. If somebody is suffering from Epilepsy there’s a very simple method of curing that person. Extremely simple. When you come next I’ll tell you how to get such a person cured. Very simple.

Sahaja Yoga is a spontaneous living method by which you can cure people as a by product of Kundalini awakening. It’s not that I’m here as a healer and I going about – ‛Give me ten dollars for healing“. It’s not that, it’s just when Kundalini is awakened you get cured. You get a good health because the Kundalini passes through this centre which is responsible for the physical side. If your physical side is alright then your health is alright.But there are other things within you. There is your emotional side and also there is your mental side and also you have got above all is the spiritual. All these things are to be enlightened through kundalini awakening.The first thing that happens to you is that your health improves, no doubt. All kinds of things like paralysis, cancer, diabetes – diabetes is curable by Sahaja Yoga. This I must explain to you how diabetes is cured.

Diabetes is caused by people who think too much. So this, the centre has to work very hard and it cannot give sufficient attention to the pancreas which is on the left hand side. Because of that the left hand side becomes frozen and the right hand side is working very hard. Now how do you cure your diabetes. Only way is if you are a realised soul you give vibrations to the pancreas and give a balance to a person. There’s a way of balancing it. If you can balance the thing people get rid of their diabetes permanently. Arthritis also can be cured, but now I must tell you about the spleen. It is a very important thing within us and I think everyone of us must understand it in a full way.

Spleen, we do not know how important it is within us. It is the speedometer. It looks after the speed we have. The way we are speedy these days. We are really telescoping it. We talk telescopically. We walk telescopically. We are very speedy people. And this speed comes to us when the spleen has gone crazy? How does the spleen go crazy. It’s very simple.Now spleen is there to create new blood corpuscles, red corpuscles to beat all the emergencies you go through! For example: you are eating your food and it’s an emergency. You are needing more of the red blood corpuscles. So this spleen starts emitting these red blood corpuscles and now you have the 9 o’clock news and you hear something horrid and this creates another emergency. Then suddenly you eat your food and run. Third emergency is created.

Poor spleen gets absolutely crazy. It does not know when to produce what blood cells. It doesn’t know what to do with you because suddenly you have three or four, things together – having your breakfast, putting one foot in the car, talking to somebody. That’s how – somebody saying ‛Get in, get in!“ And all this going on simultaneously. Poor this spleen doesn’t know which way to move. It goes crazy. And then the attack comes somehow.Blood cancer is set in. Blood cancer is the result of speediness. So one has to be very careful that our spleen must be alright. I am warning you as a Mother. I know these problems. We have cured blood cancer but it’s a horrible disease and once it gets over, within one week they say it finishes. We have cured many cases of blood cancer which were declared to dead after eight days. You see that’s all they give a certificate. After eight days or after one month, this certificate you get in the hospital, you will die.

But in Sahaja Yoga one can try to cure them. They have been cured and when they went to the doctors they say, ‛Oh I know it was very remarkable but we cant believe it was Sahaja Yoga. Even if a doctor is cured they say, ‛Oh this doctor has gone mad now. He’s talking like this how can that be?“ They have certified the person is going to die in eight days and there he is going strong after two years or so. They’ll say there must be something, they do not want to accept because this challenges their knowledge. But I am not here to take away their profession. They can have lots of patients. I am not here to cure people. It’s just the seekers who come to me for realisation are blessed. By Divine grace and they get very good health. They get cured because they are seekers. They are the men of God, they have to become the prophets. And when they become the prophets in this era, they have to convert others in the same way and they will make them prophets.

Is said by William Blake about a hundred years back. He has described all these things in his book Milton. You will be surprised. He has gone to such a limit of prophecy, he was such a seer that he has even described where I lived, in Surrey Hills. The first beacons will be lit in Surrey Hills, and also he has said where our ashram is going to be in the ruins because we had no money so they purchased a ruined place in the ruins, the foundations will be laid in Lambeth Way and there it is. Our ashram it has come to Lambeth Way and here is the ………. this is going to become the Jerusalem. Just imagine a person one hundred years back could see. He was such a seer. He has written all about it but human beings are not sensitive to things. I went to see his exhibition. He was a great artist. I was amazed they were just seeing how he has shown nude women in hell, just imagine.You went there to see this? I mean this is like we went to see a flower show and there you are picking up all the filth and dirt. Is this the way to look at beautiful things? See for beauty and think of beauty and then you are beauty. Why should you desire these ugly things in life? Why should you not desire something that is so beautiful and that’s your Spirit.

This the second centre I have told you. This is the one which limits – which limits our religion in the sense of our sustenance. Not the religion in the way you understand.Because all these religions are just like flowers on one living tree. They have been plucked by people and they say ‛This is mine. This is mine. This is mine!“ And they have made these flowers very ugly and such flowers are decayed.

The whole attention should be on becoming the Spirit. If it is not so the rest of it is not God’s work. God’s work is just to awaken your Kundalini. Is the living work because if He is the living God He has to do the living work. His work is to transform a little flower into a fruit, which you cannot do. In the same way you cannot pulsate the Kundalini but it will pulsate when you come to Sahaja Yoga. You will see with your naked eyes the pulsation rising over here and you can see your Baptism taking place. It is written by so many people, like Kalidasa has said, we had a great poet Kalidasa who has described Sahaja Yoga about three to four hundred years back.

And we had Adi Shankaracharya who has very clearly said all these things I am telling you, But this was a knowledge limited to a few people. Even Krishna talked to one, Arjuna.Christ talked to some multitudes and they crucified Him because they couldn’t understand Him, what He was talking. What was there to crucify Him. They did not recognise Him. Moses – how many people recognized him? Abraham – how many people recognized him? They were never recognized, never understood, that was the problem, and this is what one has to understand.The time has come now to recognise, to understand. Recognise yourself that you are the Spirit – not this body, not this mind, not this ego – nothing – but you are the Spirit. And not the Guru’s, so called. The one who does not give you spiritual realisation is not a Guru, is not a guru. You must understand. You must understand this is the thing of Guru.

The Primordial Master who tells you to be in the centre, who tells you all things that are to be done in the name of religion, in the name of religion everyone has said the same thing. Now I don’t say anything like that because I know how to handle the situation.We had a doctor in London who was an alcoholic who came to me. He got his Realisation and the next day he gave up. He just didn’t want to have it. He said ‛Now I am enjoying myself. I’m not bored I don’t even remember it.“ But he went to Germany and he said that after two to three months, he said I used to like one wine, let me try how it is. So he went and had that wine. When he had it he felt like vomiting, absolutely he said it was smelling.

And I don’t have to tell you don’t steal, don’t talk filthy don’t do this, nothing. Like my own daughter has a daughter, I have a granddaughter, who is a realised soul. Two children, two granddaughters are realised souls and one of them came, later on she said, ‛Grandmother, did you have to read this stupid thing called as moral science?“ I said, ‛No, why?“ ‛Foolish isn’t it, they tell us not to tell lies, not to steal, I mean why should we tell lies, why should they tell us all these things. I don’t like it.“ So the little one says, ‛Oh these are stupid people, how can they say like this, why should we do it.“ There is no temptation there. We don’t have to sell you that type of temptation you are awakened. Your dharma is there, your sustenance is awakened.

We are human beings, if we have to pass through a dirty lane then we cannot do it. Horrible, we close our noses, we feel the smell of the dirt and the filth. But you take a horse, he’ll go off very nicely, he’s not bothered, he doesn’t get disturbed. In the same way your awareness gets enlightened. Then whatever is sinful, you do not like. You just don’t like it. Whatever takes you away from Spirit you don’t like because you lose your vibrations. Lose your vibrations.Now another centre is also very important. It is for our wellbeing, it’s called as Nabhi Chakra. About which I’ll tell you next time because already I’ve told you quite elaborately.Moreover I would like to have questions from you today also, but like last time, don’t go on asking questions and the same person asking. One person should ask only one question and a sensible question because you are seekers don’t waste your time and don’t waste time of others. Alright?

Thank you very much.

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