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Sahaja Yoga An Unique Discovery |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Man in his search of joy and happiness is running away from his Self, which is the real source of joy. Heáfinds himself very ugly and boring because he doesn't know his Self. Aáhuman being seeks joy in money or possessions, in power or human limited love, and ultimately in religion that is also outside. Theáproblem is how to turn one's attention inward.

The inner being, which is our awareness, is an energy. Iácall it the energy of Divine Love. Alláevolution and the manifestation of material energy is guided by the supreme energy of DivineáLove.

We do not know how powerful and thoughtful this unknown energy is. Theásilent working of awareness is so automatic, minute, dynamic, and precious that we take it for granted. After Self-realization, this energy appears to us as silent throbbing vibrations flowing through our being. Butáwe have been unable to achieve Self-realization because we cannot fix our attention on something that lacks form (abstract Being). Instead, our attention wanders outside on forms. Nowáthere is a method to tap the Divine power-Sahaja Yoga.

At the very outset, Iáhave to say that the working of Sahaja Yoga is very simple, although the operation within is quite complex. Foráexample, if you want to watch television, it is very easy. Butáto explain the engineering technique of a television set is very difficult and the explanation is complicated. Toálearn about a television you also need a qualified engineer who understands it and who can explain its working. Iáwill try to explain Sahaja Yoga in the simplest way, but please note that it is really complicated if you want to know it in detail. Theábest way to enjoy television is first to switch it on and watch. Thenálater you can try to understand its engineering. Asáa mother Iáwould say that Iáhave done the cooking for you. Whyáshould you worry about how it is done? Ifáyou are hungry you should start eating. Ifáyou are not actually hungry, but only inquisitive, what can Iádo? Iácan neither force you to eat nor make you hungry with discussions or lecturing. Iáleave it to your wisdom and to your freedom to feel that longing.

The word «Sahaja» (Saha + ja) means born with you or inborn. Whatever is inborn manifests without any effort. Hence Sahaja Yoga is the name given to my system, which is effortless, easy, and spontaneous. Itáis a part of Nature, you may call it life's source-the vitality of the Divine. Toáunderstand life, consider the case of something that is living: a germinating seed. Theáseed grows by itself into a tree, blooms into flowers, and then the flowers become fruit. Anyáhuman effort cannot change the process of growth from a seed into a tree. Theágardener can only look after the growth of the tree. Ináthe same way, the process of the growth of our consciousness, to further evolution, takes place effortlessly. Whenáa fetus is between two and three months old, in the mother's womb, a column of rays of consciousness, emitted through the all-pervading Divine Love, pass through the developing brain to enlighten it. Theáshape of the human brain is prism-like. So, the column of rays falling on it gets refracted into four diverse channels corresponding to the four aspects of the nervous system. These are:

  1. Parasympathetic nervous system
  2. Sympathetic nervous system (right)
  3. Sympathetic nervous system (left)
  4. Central nervous System (This need not be discussed as it is the link with objectivity).

The set of rays that fall on the fontanelle bone (apex of the head known as Taloo) pierce in the center and pass straight into the medulla oblongata through a channel (Sushumna). Thisáenergy, after leaving a very thread-like, thin line in the medulla oblongata, settles down in three and a half coils in the triangular bone at the base of the spinal cord (Mooladhar). Thisácoiled energy is known as Kundalini.

The subtle energy enters through the center of the brain (Sahasrar Brahmarandhra) and precipitates six more centers on its way down. Theágross manifestation of this subtle energy, in the Sushumna channel of the spinal cord, is termed the Parasympathetic nervous system. Theácenters of chakras are expressed as plexuses outside the spinal cord. Surprisingly, we have the same number of plexuses and subplexuses outside, as the number of chakras and their petals inside, the spinal cord. Medical science knows very little about this system. Science calls it the autonomous nervous system, meaning the system that works spontaneously-on its own. Foráexample, if we want to increase the rate of our heartbeat, we can do so by exerting ourselves (activity of the sympathetic nervous system). Butáwe cannot directly reduce the heart (activity of the parasympathetic nervous system). Theáparasympathetic nervous system is a system that is like a petrol pump through which the petrol of Divine Love fills us. Butáwhen a human child is born and the umbilical cord breaks, a gap is created in the Sushumna (the subtle channel in the spinal cord). Andáon the gross level, one can see there is a gap between the solar plexus and the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system. Thiságap is known as the void in the Zen system of religion and Maya (or Bhav Sagar) in Indian thought. Later when ego and superego bloat up like balloons and cover our brain at the apex of the left and right sympathetic nervous systems, the fontanelle bone calcifies, and the all-pervading vital force of Divine Love gets cut off completely. Thenáthe human being identifies himself as a separate entity and the consciousness of «I» (Aham) presides. Thisáis why Man does not know His universal unconscious. Hisáego severs this subtle connection.

The sympathetic nervous system uses the vital energy. There are two systems-left and right. Theátwo channels, which carry this energy, in subtle form (in the medulla oblongata), are known as Ida and Pingala respectively. Theáright-side system (in the right-handed person) caters to the emergencies of the active consciousness (extra efforts and emergencies). Theáleft-side system (in medicine they say it remains dormant) caters to the subconscious mind of the psyche (libido).

Both these sympathetic-nerve systems are called the Sun and Moon channels (i.e., Surya nadi and Chandra nadi). Hatha Yoga comes from the words Ha and Tha, meaning the Sun and Moon. Byáthis yoga you can control the activity of the sympathetic; you can use more stored energy or else completely stop the activity of the sympathetic for a short time. Justáby using the stored energy you cannot achieve the eternal flow of the divine. Withácontrol over the sympathetic you can slow the heart rate or even stop the heart for a short time. Youámay achieve all the physical gross symptoms of the parasympathetic. Butáyou cannot activate the parasympathetic which is the channel for your real yoga (meeting of the divine). WitháHatha yoga you may even control your mind. Butáthe mind thus governed is heavily conditioned for the spiritual flight into the divine. Oneámay keep good health and good mind to be a good citizen in a society, but that is not the only aim ofálife.

Both sympathetic and parasympathetic act on the plexuses, but in opposition to each other. Theáparasympathetic relaxes the plexuses while the sympathetic squeezes the energy by constricting them. Oneáfills in the vitality and the other consumesáit.

There is a gap in the parasympathetic nervous system (Sushumna) but no gap in the sympathetic nervous system (at the navel). Thisáis the hurdle that has rendered all our searching-and entry into the parasympathetic-fruitless so far. Itáis like three ladders, two of them touching the ground while the central one is hanging in the air. Soáwhenever we try to rise in our consciousness, we move on to the sympathetic system.

If we pass toward the right side we enter onto the activity that goes on bloating in the balloon of ego. Thusáwe feel responsible and active. Whenáthis activity increases beyond limits, like a growing tree whose roots are not equally grown, the being falls to the ground. Overáactivity of the s ympathetic nervous system causes tension, sleeplessness, and ultimately all deadly diseases like cancer. These diseases are caused by the constricted plexuses that have been drained of their energy. Ifáyou can make the parasympathetic dominate the right side, then we can antidote the effects of over activity. Thenáall the diseases and the effects caused by this right side get cured automatically. Theáleft side sympathetic nervous system (libido) has the power to store all that is dead in us. Itáconnects you with store houses of the subconscious mind and with the collective subconscious (Bhootlok or Paralok). Atáthe backside of the brain, at the apex of this channel, the super ego exists like a balloon. Itábecomes heavy by storing, the conditioning of the mind through libido. Soáif the tension is heavy it breaks the superego into many fragments. Ifáyou still overexert by conditioning, a partial vacuum forms and this sucks another dead personality from the collective subconscious (Paralok) into your superego. Soáin your pursuit of truth, you take to further efforts and indulge in concentration, training of the mind, forced abstinence, forced meditation, or complete slavery to the emotional attachment of the mind, the libido with the aid of the affected superego may connect you to the collective subconscious (Paralok) where all dead souls-bad, good, or saintly-exist. These souls start manifesting through you and you get siddhis or extra sensory perceptions. Actually these are the different subtle (dead) personalities dominating us through superáego.

There is another method that may be effortlessly employed by many so called teachers. Thisámethod, by which they turn the chakra in the direction of the libido, can put you into your subconscious. Thisámethod either makes the aspirant go into a trance or accept the complete domination of the dead spirits introduced by the teacher through the plexuses. Ináthe first case, the Sadhaka feels relaxed, his mind is switched off. Butáafter a few years of practice, he realizes his weakness. Heácannot face reality and takes to heavy use of drugs. Ináthe second case, the aspirant becomes a complete slave of the teacher and starts giving away all material possessions to the teacher without understanding the logic behind it. These teachers never explain the technique they have employed, nor do they give their powers to anybody else. Ináshort, all efforts in the name of religion, or the mishandling of Kundalini by so called realized people, can only activate the sympathetic nervous system (Ida and Pingla). These activities cannot make any progress toward bringing about the play of parasympathetic (Sushumna). Allámesmeric powers such as materialization power (enslaving masses for money or fame), visionary powers (Drishti Siddha), speech powers (Vani Siddha), curing powers, transcendental feelings (powers of switching off the mind), separation of body, and many other powers, are very ordinarily found among those who practice the control of spirits (Pretsiddhi or Smashan Vidya). Allásuch powers can be proved to be the powers of the dead in any one of our experimental Centers. These are not Divine powers because the Divine has no interest in these gross subjects. Itáis interested only in the miracle of the inner being and its further manifestation to bring about human evolution. Thusáthose who indulge and use their attention (Chitta) on such «siddhis» and those who run after such gross miracles find it difficult to follow Sahaja Yoga. Weáhave noted that when such people confront Sahaja Yoga, they start trembling and shaking like lunatics. Ifáwith very great difficulty such a person reaches the state of Self-realization, he completely loses all interest in such powers and in their exhibition. Heáis freed of all extra dead personalities who dominated him. There is no need to pass through the subconscious strata to jump the unconscious. Theásubconscious is an end by itself and one gets lost after entering its realms. These strata are placed vertically. Theáonly direct way is through the parasympathetic (through Sushumna)- the central path that takes you to the Divine (the universal unconscious)-through Sahaja Yoga. Itáis very dangerous to use the powers of the subconscious which may become uncontrollable and torture the practitioner and Sadhaka. Those who are temporarily benefited may suffer irreparable loss to body, mind, orágrace.

All religions have promised inner silence when you reach the state of Self-realization- the inner miracle of the subtle awareness and not gross jugglery. TheáBhagavad Gita says that you become the witness (Sakshi Swarup) of the play of the Divine. Manyámodern thinkers are also talking about the new awareness. Thisáhas been described as «thoughtless awareness» which results in collective consciousness. Weáhear of many prophesies made by ancient and modern writers about the evolution of a new race of super-human beings of unique awareness. These are no longer empty words. Through the discovery of Sahaja Yoga it is possible to achieve the transformation of the human consciousness to the higher planes promised by various seers. Theásubject of Kundalini is no longer a matter of book knowledge. Nowáyou can see, with the naked eye, the breathing of the Kundalini at the Mooladhar. Youácan feel the different chakras in the spinal cord with your fingers. Formerly, bridging the gap in the Sushumna was the insurmountable problem. Butáit is being discovered that this gap can be filled with the vibrating power of Divine Love. TheáKundalini rises like a majestic mother and breaks the apex of the brain (Brahmarandhra) without giving the slightest trouble to the child (Sadhaka). Itáhappens in a split second, in the short spell between two successive thoughts. Ofácourse, if the aspirant (Sadhaka) is diseased or his chakras are constricted by over activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the Kundalini, being the Mother of every individual and the embodiment of love, knowledge, and beauty, knows how to reveal Her love beautifully and to give rebirth to Her child without causing any hurt. There are many descriptions about Kundalini warning us against the dangers and perils of the taming of Kundalini. Alsoámany books describe various gross or frightful experiences of the Kundalini awakening. Actually this is caused because Kundalini cannot rise without Sahaja Yoga, i.e., if someone, who is not Self-realized, tries to awaken Her, the Kundalini does not leave Her seat and, without the proper invitation, the Kundalini becomes adamant and angry. Thusáthe sympathetic gets into activity. WhenáShe is accused of sex, She sends heat waves over the sympathetic nervous system which causes the constriction or blockage of the plexuses and the path of the Kundalini is completely broken down. Sometimes one gets into funny gesticulations or loses complete awareness of the outside. Moreover with mishandling of Chakras and Kundalini due to the ignorance or greed of the teacher, the chance of realization for the aspirant can become very poor and sometimes impossible. Theámind that is very much conditioned, or the mind that is the slave of self-indulgence or of egoistic actions and thoughts, is also a very slow conveyance for Sahaja Yoga. Evenáif you read too much about the deconditioning of the mind, you may get only further conditioned. Ifáyou try to decondition by efforts, you can become conditioned much worse than what you were. Deconditioning is only possible through Divine Love. Theámain «condition» of Sahaja Yoga is that your will and freedom are always respected. InáSahaja Yoga the person is fully aware and alert and receives inner silence and experience without doing any unnatural movements. Heásits in a completely easy pose throughout or he also may lie down (Sahajasana or Shavasana). Theábreathing is normal or less than normal.

Religions are also the expressions and experiments of realized souls-the seers. Theyáalso talk about the inner being, second birth, and about Self-realization. Ináthe beginning, in India, they tried to take the attention inside by introducing symbols that they saw of this unconscious, universal being within. Thiságave rise to pantheism and the aspirant's attention got stuck to symbols (Sakar) and to rituals which killed the main objective. Soáthe other type of experiments of talking only about the abstract (Nirakar) gave rise to many other religions which ended up as dogmas or «isms.» The reason is obvious. Talking about the flower or the honey cannot take you to the honey but can only create dogmatic «isms» in the mind. Youáhave to be a bee to reach there, i.e., you have to be reborn. Thisáhas to happen within to take you inside. Itáis too great an achievement and unbelievable, but Iáfeel the search of ages has brought great results.

The mind, with a child-like innocence achieves very quick results. Whatever may be the loads of the mind, if the longing is honest and earnest, sooner or later, the aspirant can get Self-realization. After reaching this state the vibrations start emitting from the extremities. These are described by Adi Sankaracharya in his work «Ananda Lahari.» These vibrations are the waves of Divine Love that can fill also other persons' inner being and give them the same experience of Self-realization. Thisáis how the chain reaction starts. Oneálight enlightens another. Theáphysical manifestations are as follows: The pupils of the eyes become dilated (Parasympathetic action). Theáface becomes radiant, the body becomes light, all tension is completely removed. Theárising of the Kundalini can be seen by others and felt by the aspirant. First the throbbing is clearly felt at Sahasrar (apex of the brain) and when it stops, complete silence is felt within and in all awareness. Theáflow of grace is felt coming down, cooling the whole being. Asáthe attention moves to the subtle, gross attachments drop out. Aáperson gradually loses identification with falsehood and artificiality. Inámatter, he sees beauty and not its possession value. Ináknowledge, he identifies himself with the Truth and is not afraid to profess, nor does he indulge in the double standards of life. Hisáflow of love becomes spontaneous, generous, without any tinge of attachment, possession or any return. Theáperson becomes ageless-a hollow personality. Nowálet us see what happens inside. Theáattention of the consciousness moves to the inner being (Kundalini). Asáthe thread (Sutra) of a necklace is passing through every bead of the necklace, the inner consciousness (Kundalini) is also passing through every human being. Asásoon as our attention moves to our inner consciousness we can move on to everybody's Kundalini. Oneástarts feeling the Kundalini, its nature, its position in other persons. Collective consciousness is thus established. Nowáyou become a universal being. After some days you cannot say who is the other person. Theápower of love is so great and dynamic that with the movement of your fingers you can move the Kundalini of thousands. Itábecomes child's play. Thisáis how the en masse evolution of human beings will take place. These are the signs of the advent of the Golden age of Truth (Satya Yuga). Letáus forget whatever hardships we have suffered in our search in the past. Itádoes not matter if some could not find it before this. Youáhave to open your mind and understand that though the discovery is unprecedented, it does not make any seeker or predecessor small. Ifásome experiments are made, it does not matter if, ultimately, we have found out the way. Itáis a collective achievement. Perhaps in the chaos of Kali Yuga it was to happen and many of us, who have been earnestly searching in many lives, are reborn to have their promises fulfilled by the Divine. Maybe we were our own predecessors. Onáthe tree of life there might have been very few flowers but now the blossom time has come. Their fragrance of longing has collectively materialized the manifestation of Sahaja Yoga. Manyáare going to jump into the realm of thoughtless awareness where you get introduced to yourself and start identifying with your universal nature. Those who deserve will get the throne of their inner being which rules the skies of peace, and the oceans of divine love and supreme knowledge within, which is limitless (Anant).

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