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Shraddha Is Faith After Enlightenment — 1985 |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  

Vienna,  Austria
7 May 1985  

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday, those who have felt the Cool Breeze in the hand should put their hands on the table like this, because it has started already but while My speech is going on they will feel it more. Everyone can do it, it’s all right, even if you have not felt yesterday.

So yesterday I told you that the truth has to be felt on your central nervous system. They say there is all-pervading power which does all the living work. You have to feel it, it’s not just a picture or a symbol or a talk or a topic, but you have to feel that, this is the time! Because people have been talking about it so far, the time had not come. But those who told the truth did say about these times which are some special times. So those who say that, ‛We believe in God“ or, ‛We believe in Christ“ or, ‛We believe in communism“ or, ‛We believe in democracy“, are just mentally believing into it.

I would say I am quite a great capitalist because I have all the powers. And I am the greatest communist because I can’t live without sharing it with others. I’m a very happily married woman, at this age I am quite old and I am travelling around the whole world just sharing it with others. So, you have to feel the capitalism within you, you have to feel the communism within you. You have to feel the humanism of Confucius within you. Whatever has been talked about, the theories, all that we had of a sublime nature, all are to be felt, the sublimity is to be felt within us – giving us joy! Even the virtue, the righteousness, the goodness, the sweetness has to be felt within us giving us joy, we should enjoy our virtue! That’s why people did not believe actually in the truth but they had a picture of the truth. The belief was blind but not the truth. In Sanskrit we have two words for this. It means, Vishwas means blind faith, and Shraddha means faith after enlightenment. Because we didn’t have even the discretion, we had to take to something or other, we had to club under some flag. And then we got fed up, we thought this is not good, so take to another, then take to another, moving from places to places. Thus, a seeker of truth has been tossing and gets frustrated, unhappy.

I live now in London, and in the Southwest of London there are 2000 children below twelve years of age who are taking drugs. And nobody is worried about them, those who proclaim to be religious, going to churches, or Hindus who are having temples, everything – nobody is worried about that! Why are they taking drugs? They are taking drugs because they are seeking. They are seekers. Mislead, of course, but they are fed up with the mundane life and they want to go beyond. The first seven Sahaja Yogis I had, to begin with, were all drug addicts and hippies, and of very serious nature! And they were seriously taking drugs thinking through drugs and alcohol they’ll reach God. But all of them, after getting Realization, gave up drugs next day. Because they were really very deep seekers of ages. They were very great souls born on this earth. But this is the last judgement. Those who will not take to the actualization of the truth will be left behind. This is how you are going to judge it.

In the Sixtine Chapel in Rome you find Christ judging the people, the whole Kundalini is shown there. He is standing on the Agnya, it’s very clear-cut for those who can see. But down below on a table what you find is a miserable looking Christ with all bones coming out kept by these stupid people. This is the image they want to project of Christ, because they want you to feel miserable about it. Can you imagine, with those bones, how could Christ carry such a big cross? But I must say Michelangelo knew how Christ looked as, he has shown Him as a big personality there. Such a person cannot be an unhappy, miserable creature. He has found joy, He is the source of joy – how can He be such a miserable creature as we show Him to be? But we are conditioned to accept the picture they have projected, the image they have projected, we are conditioned. Even when we say that we do not want to take any conditioning, we go to the other side, we become ego-oriented, we say, ‛What’s wrong?“ Like in England we have people who color their hair in all kinds of things, color their clothes and move about, I mean, for nothing at all they waste so much money for nothing at all, paying so much for their hair-do. So I said, ‛Why do you do that?“ They said, ‛What’s wrong?“ I said, ‛It is wrong because if you put a dye like that in your head you’ll become blind.“ And those who came to Me, some of them were becoming blind. So with this kind of an ego we are enjoying our destruction thinking, ‛What’s wrong?“ On one side we conditioned ourselves too much, as somebody told Me that about fifty years back the husband’s-wife-relation was regarded as sinful. It is absurd! You better ask them, how did you come on this earth without the parents? So this kind of a conditioning brought forth this kind of an ego which took you from left to the right. But basically it shows very simple people, simple-hearted. That they accepted one conditioning to another conditioning.

Now, at this juncture we have to know we have to be in the center. We ascend through the central path, not through the left or the right. This is told by so many people that, ‛You have to be moderate about everything that you do.“ But the human nature is such, it goes to the extremes, whatever you tell them, it goes to the extremes. And then they suffer. Once the conditioning was over of the sex they started going into a mad rush towards sex, I mean all kinds of nonsense they did. And they destroyed themselves. When I said this in America in 1973 they were not willing to listen to Me and today they are the ones who are suffering.

Whatever it is, I must say that in the West there are great seekers born. They might have gone to any parts, doesn’t matter. They have a tremendous capacity to ascend. I have seen that phenomena working and I am really enamoured the way people have come back to their Spirit. So, it is the actualization of the experience of the Spirit. So, when you have the experience of the Spirit, what happens to you? That is also not known to many people. But first thing that should happen to you that your awareness must be expanded, that you should become more aware, there should be a new dimension to your awareness. Not through any hallucinations, or any – what you can say, a kind of a picture in the head. In your full alert mind, in your complete freedom you have to become collectively conscious. Your nervous system has to become collectively conscious. It’s not just telling you something about, ‛Oh, you are brothers and sisters.“ No, you have to feel that the microcosm has become the macrocosm. That means, on your nervous system you must feel another personality, the centers of all the people. That means on your fingertips you should be able to find out, what’s the matter with the centers, the subtle centers of another person. And as it is the Self-Realization, you have to also know about your own centers. Without going through any tests or anything, you should be able to say what’s wrong with your centers. Now, if you have felt the all-pervading power, this is the power that thinks, that coordinates, that organizes – and that loves. Then it should act like a telecommunication. Sitting down here you should be able to feel the centers of anybody you want to think of, whether dead, alive or far away. You should be able to say whether a person is fake or he is a real personality of Divinity. That means your computer – the mind, that you call as the biggest computer that human beings have got – should become eloquent. Any knowledge that people give you, you should be able to say whether it is a true knowledge or not. That is what in the Vedas is called Vida. Vida means to be known on the nervous system.

When you say Buddha, or you say Buddha, the one who is enlightened means, his nervous system is enlightened, that he knows on his nervous system. But they were alone, lonely people, one here and one there. Their awareness was a higher level, much higher level, and they could not communicate with other people. That is why they were crucified, they were tortured, poisoned and also ill-treated. So, it is you who should be able to decide, it is you who should be able to discriminate. This is the new awareness which has to be enlightening your central nervous system. Like, when we are human beings, we know what is dirt, what is filth is. If you want to take a dog along a dirty lane he can go easily, but for a human being it is very difficult to go through that because he can smell the dirt and the filth. Man can see the beauty, man can feel the beauty, but not the animals. So, in our evolution we have developed a awareness which we can call as a human awareness. So when we rise higher into a awareness what happens to us, first thing that happens to us should be that we should know that we are part and parcel of the whole. So, we can feel like My – this hand can feel this hand. If something happens to this hand, this hand knows and it can soothe the other hand. Then who is the other? If somebody gets cured with Sahaja Yoga or, say, with Me, there’s nothing to thank, because who is the other? Whom do you oblige? But normally people do not want to jump. This jump is the most important thing and is the epitome of our evolution.

There is no solution to any world problem, to any national problem, to any city problem or to any local problem, unless and until people get their Realization. I studied Science, I studied Medicine just to know what people talk about. And I reached the conclusion that science is absolutely incomplete unless and until the scientists are Realised Souls. Medicine is incomplete, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, everything is incomplete unless and until you know the Divine laws. Christ was not a doctor, how did He cure patients? Just touch it there! Sahaja Yoga has cured people from cancer, from all kinds of diseases which they call incurable. How? Just by awakening the Kundalini. Sahaja Yogis don’t go to any doctor, they had become doctors without studying Medicine. They treat the basics. While science is analysis, like a tree has got some leaves and are showing the symptoms of some disease they try to treat the leaves. But if you have to treat the leaves, you cannot do any justice, you have to go to the roots and treat the sap! And that is how – that is the only way you can treat the tree.

So, with Sahaja Yoga, when the Kundalini rises within you, these six Chakras get completely integrated. And the first blessing is the physical well-being. Because the elements which have created this body go into a complete balance and relationship, they act as an agent to create well-being for you. Diseases are caused by imbalances. When we go to extremes, imbalances are created and the diseases caused. For example, the cancer is caused by the over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system. For example now, this is the center in-between, and the left and the right are the two channels which are working on them are sympathetic nervous system. When the over-activity takes place in this area then it gets separated and this starts loosing the contact with the whole. So it starts working on its own, it becomes malignant. It has no sense of proportion how to grow, related to other organs in the body. That is how it overpowers other organs and tries to suppress them by which a person collapses.

So, through the awakening of the Kundalini, what happens that these separated two sides of the center come back and are expanded by the energy of the Kundalini. So, the first manifestation of that is good health. The second manifestation of the Kundalini, as I told you, is the dimension of a new awareness, called collective consciousness. As a result of that the mental problems of human beings are solved entirely. Mental problems comes to us from the left hand-side. But, actually in the brain they cross over, so it is on this side you have the mental problems created. So, when the balance comes in, as you see the ego and the super-ego in the brain, despite be pressing too much when there is ego or despite be pressing too much when there is super-ego, causing mental problem, it comes in the center to begin with. And when this center is awakened, both ego and super-ego, our Karmas and all that are sucked in. First it gives you a balance by which you become a normal person, and by second happening it opens you out to the subtle Divine power. Which starts pouring blessings into your being and you are all the time in connection with that vital power which we call in Sanskrit as Brahma Shakti or in the Bible as the All-Pervading Power of God’s Love. So the tensions are finished because it’s all opened to go out. A thought rises and falls off, another thought rises and falls off, but we are on the cusp of the thoughts running all the time. In the center of the thought there is a place which is the present, this present moment – now. Kundalini takes you through that central path and thus, a peace is established due to thoughtless awareness, you are aware but you are thoughtless. So you start living in the present, you are not bothered about the future or the past, but in the present which has such dimensions. Because the past is finished, future doesn’t exist, you enjoy the reality in the present. So thus, the Kundalini gives you that blissful feeling of thoughtless awareness. But, if you want to think you think and that thinking is inspiration. Thus, you become dynamic in your expressions.

We have experiences of people who were not even artists have suddenly become great artists, have suddenly become great musicians, have become suddenly great poets, writers, speakers. Because the creativity flows from up downward and fills you up completely. Some people have discovered something so rare that overnight they have become millionaire, also in Sahaja Yoga. Thus, the balance is created within you and your temperament becomes a satisfied temperament. We do not hanker after comfort, you are comfortable anywhere. This lifetime I’m born in a rich family, royal family, married to a well-to-do family, and My husband is quite well-to-do. And I would say that I really, if you think from all worldly point of view, it’s an overly comfortable life I have. But I can sleep on the street, I can sleep in the jungles, I can go on a bullock cart for miles together, no problem. Because a Realized Soul becomes like a great emperor. Nothing can enchant it, nothing can tempt it, nothing can discomfort it. Nothing can disturb it, nothing can upset it. Such a glorious being is the Spirit! But it gives you the truth. As you are sitting now, those who have felt the vibrations can ask a very fundamental question, ‛Is there God?“ Ask this question three times and you’ll feel tremendous vibrations on your hands. Any such fundamental questions which are truths you will have tremendous vibrations and whatever is falsehood you feel heat or you might feel some blisters on your fingers.

If there is a patient who is a serious cancer patient you will feel tremendous heat, and tremendous heat will go out of his body, the whole room can become so heated like a boiler. Same thing can happen to a person who is mad. But if there is a devilish person in the garb of a saint, you go close to him, you won’t be able to stand next to him, he would be like a burning hot rod next to you. Such a person may appear to be a great saint, you see, may have got a big prize as a saintly personality because people don’t know what he is, immediately you will know what it is. My granddaughter who was hardly about five years of age came to one of My programs where I was invited as chief guest of this – one of the great saints was sort of celebrated for 100 years, and she was sitting in front and there were many such people wearing orange clothes and things sitting, like big saints. But one of them was very tall and sitting there. So she shouts at Me, she said: ‛Grandma, please ask this fellow with the [maksi?] to get out. He is emitting too much heat!“

Another young, younger one, much younger to her, about three and a half years, she went to Ladakh, there was a Lama sitting and everybody touching his feet. And the parents didn’t know, in embarrassment they also touched his feet, she couldn’t bear it. She went and stood before him. And she said: ‛What do you mean? Because you are wearing this big thing and because you have shaved your hair, you think you are a Realized Soul? What business you have got to ask people to touch your feet?“ Little girl of three and a half years. The truth has such tremendous courage, such a person is not afraid of anyone. But it has a temperament which is compassion. But this compassion doesn’t say, ‛I am compassionate, I love you“, nothing, it acts, it works. It emits, it flows. Even from the glance of such a person, the compassion can be an ocean. That is the sign of a person who is a Realized Soul.

So you know the truth, you become the truth, you stand by the truth. Like Christ stood against Mary Magdalene, and He said, ‛Those who have not committed any sin can through the stone at Me.“ People like Christ have nothing to do with prostitutes, as such. But when it comes to salvation they can go to any limit. When it comes to compassion they go to the rigidous places like lepers and all kinds of things, they have no fear of getting any disease, no disease can encapture them. Can you believe that you all can have that capacity? You all have that fantastic potential within you! You have to just feel that potential. You have to just get to that point. I would say if you take a television to a Indian village and tell them that, ‛In this little box you can see everything of the whole world“, they won’t believe. But as soon as you put to the mains you feel what a fantastic thing this instrument is.

That is yoga, that’s the union, that’s reality where – when you are connected to the mains the whole personality starts manifesting the Divinity through your being. Last of all, with all these things, with all the satisfactions of I, you become the joy. Joy does not have duality like happiness – unhappiness. The ego when pampered feels happy, when it is not pampered or hurt it feels unhappy. But joy is the witnessing part. That you start witnessing yourself and witnessing everyone else. And seeing the thing as a drama, a play. So the whole thing becomes a play. But this witness can correct the play. This cannot be done, supposing you are witnessing a play and you think there’s something wrong with it sitting down here you cannot correct. But you become so powerful that the compassion just acts and the whole thing works out in such a beautiful way that miracle loses its own meaning. The miracle you cannot explain also.

I can tell you one miracle which I think you will be able to understand but not explain because it was all given in the newspapers as well, that when I was in Bedford giving a lecture like this in the presence of about 6 – 700 people, one boy fell down from a bridge about 18, 20 feet. And the people informed the ambulance, the ambulance came and they thought the boy is dead now, because it was all stones there. But they found the boy walked up, he climbed up nicely and he came to the ambulance. They asked him, ‛How did you do that?“ He said, ‛I’ll tell you in the hospital.“ (Laughter) In the hospital he said that, ‛An Indian lady wearing a white sari came in a white car, She got down and She cured me.“ They said, ‛There was no one on the bridge, we never saw an Indian lady coming, no white car came, no car came.“ But the doctors were surprised that he was cured, there was nothing wrong with him, not even a scratch. So, next day he saw My photograph in the newspaper and he told the police, ‛This is the lady who cured me!“ And that is the time I was lecturing to people and there were 600 people who will say I was not there. Now, this boy could not explain it, nobody could explain, and they wrote to us and it was all published in the newspaper. But they asked him, ‛What did you do while you were falling?“ He said, ‛I just said: Holy Mother, help me!“ Now I cannot explain nor do I think it can be explained.

Another miracle I’ll tell you which you can see in match, in photography, the cameras are very clever. I went into a village, a very remote village, and as soon I stepped in I said: ‛There must have been a very great saint here living.“ They said, ‛There was a saint who was a Muslim and who lived here that’s how this is called after his name, this place is called after his name.“ While I was lecturing I felt tremendous force of energy going out of My head. And I felt the rapport is established with Him and I was enjoying it very much. And some people were taking photographs. There are seven photographs where a light, shaft of light, is going from My head towards a wall which is just a remote wall of a very old school. I was laughing and I put My hand there, and the light stopped. This you can see in picture, in actual photographs. In so many photographs you can see many things like that.

But people don’t want to see it. They don’t want to know about it. They want to escape it. Why? Because this is the Last Judgement. You yourself will judge yourself! You yourself will ruin yourself. You yourself will deny the right to know the truth. So, you are responsible for your own judgement. Nobody else is going to be responsible. Everyone has a right to judge oneself within. Only through the ascent of your Kundalini you can judge yourself. There’s no way out, by analysis, by criticism, by anything you cannot judge yourself but through the awakening of the Kundalini you will know what’s wrong with you and how to correct. These are the most gracious times we have when we have a chance that we take this jump into the kingdom of God. The time has come to prove all the scriptures, all the incarnations, all the great prophets, God, Christ – everything can be proved by your own central nervous system.

So, the first happening is what we call the thoughtless awareness, but in-between thoughtless awareness and the higher position which we call as the doubtless awareness, this gap is to be bridged because still you are half-way, you are not in the boat fully, one foot is still in the water and one hand is hanging to the boat. So, you have to come up into the boat, settle down there because joy will fill you up very soon – but you must establish yourself. You must respect your Realization. You can save the whole world. All wars will stop, all problems will disappear and human beings will live in eternal bliss and peace.

I am sure there will be a follow-on program for you, please attend it! When I come there are so many people but I assure you there are many people who are here who have reached the state of Nirvikalpa, into the state of doubtless awareness. They just have to give you a helping hand, nobody is dominating you, just a helping hand to pull you out, completely. There is no power game, there is no domination, it is compassion, love and sharing. It is a unique phenomena and when I see it I really cannot believe how it has worked so wonderfully. When I see My children all over the world, the kind of friendship, the love, the purity of understanding each other is so great that the whole world should get it. Maybe one or two, maybe there’re also mediocres, maybe. But you don’t judge it by that, you judge it by yourself! It’s just there, within yourself, which you have to judge. Get it, that’s all! There is no obligation. It’s a joy for Me to share it with all of you.

May God bless you all!

We will again have a session of awakening of the Kundalini. There is one thing I have to tell you at the very outset that our attention has to be enlightened. When the Kundalini rises a happening takes place within and our attention which is outside is just sucked in. Like I would say of our attention which is like this spread out in this area just is pushed with Kundalini like that and is sucked in. And when the Kundalini pierces through then this attention which is still in darkness gets enlightened into a new awareness of Divinity. And the light starts spreading, slowly, slowly into your attention enlightening it fully. And as this starts moving you start getting the powers of compassion expressed, manifested. There are ways and methods by which you can raise your Kundalini or you can give yourself a balance just by movement of your hands. These few things you have to learn. And the decoding of the fingertips, what do these fingertips and these seven centers represent, that is to be known, that’s all. But this knowledge becomes part and parcel of you because it is already there! Like this room is in darkness, as soon as put on the light the whole thing becomes part and parcel of the room because it was already there.

So, we have to close our eyes when I tell you that we have to keep our attention away from outside for the time being. Then the Kundalini is placed in the Mooladhar, the abode of the Kundalini is made by the Mother Earth element. So we have to use the Mother Earth to give us the strength as well as to suck in our problems on that center. That is the reason we have to take out our shoes and put your feet on the Mother Earth with all the respect to the Mother Earth. This hardly takes any time. But those who do not want their Realization should please leave. Because it cannot be forced on people. God is not going to fall at your feet. He is not going to beg of you. It is the other way round, you have to ask for your Realization.

So, now we start, please put your shoes aside and both the feet straight like this and sit comfortably without any pressure on the neck or on the stomach due to some tight things, just loosen it a little bit! Now, those who do not want to do can go, but please you must join in, because you have to keep – everybody has to keep eyes shut and nobody should be here who wants to just to watch the game, there’s no show on, it is an internal happening, one must remember that you have to respect others.

Before the Realization – I have to tell you that it is your own right that you should have it. That you should not feel guilty at all. That you are the temple of God. And that you have to enter into the Kingdom of God. So you have to be very pleasant about yourself. Please forgive yourself and don’t condemn yourself at all! As the Divine loves you, you have to love yourself. So, we will be having the left hand on one lap which is the true desire, asking for the true desire because this is the power of desire. And Kundalini is the true desire. And the right hand is the power of action, so we ourselves can raise our own Kundalini. So that we become our own masters and our own guide through our own awakening.

Now, this right hand is first is to be put on the heart, then on the upper part of the stomach, then in the lower part when I tell you, then on the shoulder at the corner where it meets the neck in a way that it touches the back side. Then here on your forehead across, then at the back of your head, then you have to stretch your hand. And put it on your fontanel bone area bending your head, you have to move it seven times, clock-wise. So, when you stretch it this portion goes on to there, fixes up and moves it, like that. It is – that’s all you have to do when eyes are closed and then I’ll tell you what is to be done. Again at the very outset, don’t feel guilty! (Shri Mataji laughing)

All right, now please close your eyes and you are not to open your eyes till I tell you.

Please put your right hand on your heart and left hand towards Me on your lap. Now, you have to say or ask a question to Me, which is a fundamental question: ‛Mother, am I the Spirit?“ Because Spirit resides in the heart. Ask this question three times please. This is a very fundamental question. ‛Mother, am I the Spirit?“

If you are the Spirit, the second question follows. Put your right hand in the upper part of your stomach. Push it in – your fingers. Now, this is the center of the Guru principle, the master principle, created by the great prophets. Here you have to ask the second question, because if you ask the first, the second follows: ‛Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own guide? Mother, am I my own Guru?“ Ask a question which follows from the first one. Please do not fix your attention anywhere, let it be loose, and don’t fight with your thoughts, they will disappear by themselves. Now, ask this question three times!

Now, after asking this question you move to the lower part of your abdomen, stomach, and again push your fingers inside. Now, here you say a thing that I have to request you to know that I cannot cross or go over your freedom. Now, you have to ask for the true knowledge, the knowledge about the technique of the Divine, the laws of the Divine. Here the knowledge doesn’t mean mental knowledge but on your central nervous system, on your awareness. So here you ask, ‛Mother, please may I have the true knowledge?“

Now. Six times, because this center has got six petals. ‛Mother, may I have the true knowledge?“

Now, again raise your hand on the center of the Guru which is in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. This center is now to be asserted for the rising Kundalini to create a way for Her by saying, ‛Mother, I am my own Master. I am my own guide. I am my own Guru.“ With full faith in yourself. You have to say this ten times because there are ten Guru principles, the Ten Commandments within us.

With full confidence!

Now, raise this right hand, with the left hand towards Me, to your heart. And now, please say with full assertion again, ‛Mother, I am the Spirit!“ Without any fear, with full confidence. This has to be said twelve times. Believe in yourself! Forget about the past! As I told you yesterday that the Divine is not only the ocean of grace, bliss and compassion, but it is the ocean of forgiveness. You cannot do anything which God cannot forgive. To err is human, to forgive Divine.

Aside: Now, good.

This you have to say twelve times.

Now raise your right hand onto your shoulder in the corner where it meets the neck and hold it tight. Now with full faith in God’s love, please say, ‛Mother, I am not guilty!“ With full assertion, sixteen times. ‛Mother, I am not guilty! I am not guilty!“ Don’t count your guilts, don’t count your so-called sins! Past doesn’t exist.

Aside: It’s too much to him. – Better.

Please say it 16 times!

Aside: Ha! – Better now.

Now raise your hand to your forehead across please and press it on both the sides as if when you have headache. Now at this point you have to say, ‛Mother, I forgive everyone!“ Say this from your heart, not counting how many times but from your heart. Please say, ‛Mother, I forgive everyone!“ Many people think that it’s difficult (Shri Mataji laughing) – it’s a myth. If you do not forgive or you forgive you do not do anything whatsoever.

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