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arrow In English arrow Miscellaneous arrow Talk after Shri Lalita Havan - 1981
Talk after Shri Lalita Havan 1981 |  Print    version  |

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  

Sydney, Australia
7April 1981 

It is this when the Holy Ghost came in the form of the cold wave. Likethis.

(H.H Shri Mataji blows air into and mike and everyone laughs)

Now Ihave blessed youall.

But the problem is, it is formless and there is nobody to (UNCLEAR decode). There has to be a decoding system training, isn’t it? Andthat’s how there are lots of mistakes committed by them also. Because they didn’t understand that blessing should be their capacity, their (UNCLEAR intelligence) and (UNCLEAR dream) aboutit.

But to communicate, with the people to communicate with the Spirit, to understand the Kundalini the vibrations and their different decoding and all that. TheHoly Spirit had to come with an (UNCLEAR Naav/ Name) and with a voice and with the intelligence that is intelligible to you with the knowledge and everything. Otherwise, it is not possible to communicate. Andthat’s why somebody has to come and you have to just recognize. Recognition is the best way of understanding the powers that are given toyou.

You have been given powers, no doubt. Butthese powers, even if somebody gets realization like Buddha got realization he thought that there is no God. Hedid not believe in God because he just got realization through a formless uhh formless wind you can say. Andhe just did not know, he even did not talk about Kundalini, he did not talk of God also. Andhe started talking only of the self. Somebody has to be there to give you the complete picture. Youget realization you get vibrations but then what? Whatabout the (UNCLEAR complete). Forthat, the Holy Ghost had to take form. Alright. MayGod Blessyou.

Thank you very much. Ithank all Australians. (UNCLEAR)

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